Right Whale Mother and Calf
A North Atlantic Right Whale Mother
and Calf off the Coast of Florida
Photo credit: FFWC/NOAA
Right Whale Sounds: New Brunswick


The Endangered Mammals of Florida



Florida's Endangered Whales



Whales, a member of the Cetacean Family,

are the largest mammals on Earth,

and are quite similar to us Humans;

they are warm blooded, they give live birth

and they nurse their young.


Whales swim in groups called pods and

make the deep oceans their homes.

Each of these three Whales has separate feeding

areas or grounds and birthing or calving areas.


The Fin and The Humpback are both

Baleen whales, meaning without teeth.

They eat in a process that allows their food

to go into their mouths when they swallow

or gulp huge amounts of water,

trapping fish/food in a sort of strainer system.

The Baleen, is a brushlike filtration feature that

catches the fish/food when the whale then

closes its mouth and expels the water.


Florida has three Whales in population trouble,

the Right, the Humpback and the Fin Whales.

Of the three, the Right Whale is the most critically

Endangered with numbers of only about 350 remaining.


As with many other Endangered Sea Species,

mortality in Whales most frequently results from ship

collisions, fishing entanglements, hunting, noise pollution,

and raw waste dumped into the oceans by Cruise ships,

and the U.S. Navy Ships, making the world's oceans

more resemble one big garbage dump.


Whales communicate with each other through a series

of sounds or songs, some long, some short.

Each Whale has different sounds for different situations,

which can normally travel many miles underwater.


But a new problem that all Whales share is interference noise

from ships and other human activities in the Oceans.

Many tragedies have resulted from what is said to be

the confusion resulting from these outside noises.


The future of all Marine animals is in our hands,

we have now invaded their underwater world

and if we are not respectful of their place there,

we may become the cause of their

elimination from it.



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