Florida Loggerhead Turtle

The Florida Loggerhead Turtle
Caretta caretta

Photo credit: NOAA
Marco Giuliano/Fondazione Cetacea


The Endangered Reptiles of Florida



The Turtles of Florida

 Turtle is yok-che in the Seminole language.


Endangered or Threatened Florida Sea Turtles


Endangered or Threatened Florida Freshwater Turtles



June 29, 2009

One very special Biologist and the mission his life has become:

Crossing dangerous roads kill thousands of Turtles

June 18, 2009

And finally, the end of the road for those who

hunt and sell our wildlife without regard:

No more Florida Wild Turtle soup

April 16, 2009

In Tallahassee yesterday, a measure was approved that will

provide a much needed life line to Florida's Wild Turtles:

Florida Leads the Way for Freshwater Turtles

A Bid to Forbid Turtle Hunting

It is a start!

March 2009

Wild Turtles in Florida are facing an enemy right now,

one like no other in their history, the Chinese.

Asians who have already eliminated their Turtles Species,

 are now raiding our Country and buying ours by the pound.

The future of this Florida Reptile is in grave danger.

A proposal from FFWCC to stop this is in the works,

 but will it come in time?

With all that is going on in the world,

how many people still care about the life of a Turtle?

If you do care about this, a vote on a bill proposed by

Senator Bill Nelson will take place in Tallahassee on April 15.

You can tell FWC how you feel by sending them an email:


As we live inland in the Ocala National Forest,

we do not have the easy access to Sea Turtles

that others here in Florida do.


What we do have are our Gopher Tortoises.

They are on the list below with other Florida Turtles,

all of of which are in one form of peril or another.


There are twenty six Turtle Species in Florida,

falling into these basic types:

eighteen are Freshwater five are Sea Turtles

one is a Brackish Water Terrapin

and lastly the Gopher and Box Tortoises,

who don't really care much for water at all.


Endangered or Threatened Florida Sea Turtles


Endangered or Threatened Florida Freshwater Turtles


Places to learn more:


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

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MFWC Turtle Nesting:




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Unique information concerning the

travels of Sea Turtles from NOVA:

Magnetic Storms


General Sea Turtle Information:

US Fish & Wildlife

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Other Sea Turtle web sites:

Canaveral National SeaShore

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