Florida Suwannee Cooter
The Florida Suwannee Cooter
Pseudemys suwanniensis

Photo credit: C. Munro USFWS


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The Suwannee Cooter
Pseudemys suwanniensis


In the African languages of Bambara and Malink,

the word for Turtle is Kuta,

from which the word Cooter is derived.


This freshwater Turtle has bright yellow markings

and can grow up to sixteen inches in length.

It is on the Species of Special Concern list

and is protected in Florida.


An unusual trait of the Cooter, is in their manner

of placement on logs in the water, stacking themselves

on top of each other like pancakes on a plate.


A Cooter can frequently be observed sunning

itself on the same log as an Alligator, seemingly

at peace with one another.


The Cooter is safe from becoming a Gator

meal unless it is young, in which case,

it may be in serious trouble.


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Suwannee Cooter



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