Endangered Florida Fish



Smalltooth Sawfish
Smalltooth Sawfish
Photo credit: Andy Murch


Smalltooth Sawfish
Pristis pectinata


To begin: what is a Fish?

A fish is an aquatic vertebrate (has a backbone)

that is cold blooded, has fins, breathes through gills

and may be covered with scales.


One of two in the US, the Endangered Smalltooth Sawfish

was added to the ESA in 2003 and is its only marine animal.


This species, which historically evolved from Sharks,

 now more closely resembles the Rays and can be found

primarily in the shallow waters of Coastal Florida.

Smalltooth Sawfish
Smalltooth Sawfish
Photo credit: David Iliff


Sawfish numbers have rapidly declined due to the usual,

overfishing and entrapments in nets and lines.

Another important factor in their decline,

is their difficulty in reproducing.

Smalltooth Sawfish
Smalltooth Sawfish
Photo credit: Andy Murch


Sadly this rare species has been, like African Elephants,

killed for a body part to be hung on a wall by hunters.

It is now illegal to take one or harm a Smalltooth Sawfish,

as they are finally protected.

Newborn Smallttoth Sawfish
A newborn Smalltooth Sawfish, about 2.5 feet long
Photo credit: Gregg Poulakis/FFWCC


But, their numbers have been reduced by 99%.

Can they recover?

Is it too late?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, here is a YouTube of them to enjoy:

Smalltooth Sawfish


The use of this sign kindly permitted by: Gregg Poulakis/FFWCC


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