A Sand Skink

A Sand Skink
Photo credit: USGS


The Endangered Reptiles of Florida



The Sand Skink
Neoseps reynoldsi

This unique, Endangered creature is of the Lizard family

and is a fossorial, meaning it dwells underground.

It is only found here in Central Florida in two specific places,

the Lake Wales and Mount Dora Ridges Scrub areas.


It prefers a Habitat of Longleaf Pines and

is found throughout the Ocala National Forest.


The Sand Skinks physical appearance is somewhat unusual,

it is about five inches long, shiny and silvery

and has no feet or legs.

It appears to swim under the sand.

A Sand Skink

A Sand Skink
Photo credit: USFW


The Sand Skink is beneficial to Humans and

quite valuable to have around your home,

 as its diet consists primarily of Termites and

other harmful Subterranean Insects.

It lives between eight and ten years.


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