The Sandhills
Photo credit: Peter May


The Endangered Ecosystems of Florida


The Sandhills


To begin, what is an Ecosystem?

It is an Environment within which many Species,

both Plant (flora) and Animal, (fauna)

maintain a way of daily life, unconsciously

interdependent upon one another and

the area that they inhabit together.

Florida's Sandhill Ecosystem is primarily in

the North and Central part of the state.

Our home in the Ocala National Forest is

in this Ecosystem, where fires are a part of the

natural environment, whether manmade by the

Forest Department or by Nature in Lightning.

The Sandhills
Photo credit: Peter May


The most important factor in the success

of this Ecosystem is fire, the presence

of it maintains a healthy growth of the

indigenous plant life, the absence of it causes

the area to become one of Oak domination

and invasive non native plants.


The Longleaf Pine, American Turkey Oak and

Wiregrass are the primary plants found here.

The resident animal species include the

Gopher Tortoise, Red Cockaded Woodpecker,

Striped Newts and the Fox Squirrel.


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The Sandhills



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