Pine Rocklands
Pine Rocklands
Photo credit: USGS/SOFIA


The Endangered Ecosystems of Florida


Pine Rocklands


To begin, what is an Ecosystem?

It is an Environment within which many Species,

both Plant (flora) and Animal, (fauna)

maintain a way of daily life, unconsciously

 interdependent upon one another and

the area that they inhabit together.

Pine Rocklands
Pine Rocklands
 Photo credit: USGS/SOFIA


This Endangered Ecosystem exists only in South Florida,

 from North Miami Beach, down into the Keys

and parts of the Bahamas.

At one time the Pine Rocklands amounted to 185,000 acres,

now they are but a mere 2% of that.

Pine Rocklands
Pine Rocklands
 Photo credit: FNPS


The Wildlife that still inhabit this disappearing Ecosystem,

reads like a who's who of Florida's most Endangered list:

the Panther, the Key Deer, the Eastern Indigo Snake

and the Bald Eagle are just a few.


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Pine Rocklands

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Pine Rocklands



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Pine Rocklands



Pine Rocklands



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