Right Whale Mother and Calf
A North Atlantic Right Whale Mother
and Calf off the Coast of Florida
Photo credit: FFWC/NOAA
Right Whale Sounds: New Brunswick


The Endangered Mammals of Florida



Florida's Endangered Whales



The North Atlantic Right Whale
Eubalaena glacialis


The North Atlantic Right Whale is the most

Endangered of all large Whales in the world,

with between 350-450 remaining, it is naturally,

the most endangered Florida Whale.

North Atlantic Right Whale

A Right Whale
Photo credit: NOAA


A great video from NOAA:

The Right Whale


The Right Whale can frequently be seen along the

Eastern Coast of Florida and Georgia as it travels

back and forth between its breeding and feeding areas.

Their birthing period is in December in the deep South East.

New listening devices may allow the mother and babies to be

avoided by large vessels passing near these breeding areas

 in the future off the Coast of Georgia and Florida.

Right Whale Mother and Calf

A Right Whale Mother and Calf
Photo credit: NOAA


As with many other Endangered Sea Species,

mortality in whales most frequently results from ship

collisions, fishing entanglements, hunting, noise pollution,

and raw waste dumped into the oceans by Cruise ships,

and the U.S. Navy Ships, making the world's oceans

more resemble one big garbage dump.


Regardless of laws that have been in place for half a century,

This extremely endangered Whale has seen little

that has changed in its hope for a better future.

The Cheney rejection of a proposed protective route

for them in favor of, surprise, oil tankers, was not a shock.

But, new legislation may give the Right Whale a fighting

chance in the ongoing battle for a place in the sea.

Right Whales

Right Whales
Photo credit: NOAA


Recent News!

Now with channel Listening devices in place,

perhaps some Right Whales lives may be spared.

Cornell leads the way:

The Right Whale Listening Network


And not to be outdone, the U.S. Navy has, since 1993,

been tracking the Right Whale off the Atlantic Coast

to keep it safe from Ship collisions:


Whale Song


Now problems with the Navy have redeveloped:

Taking the Wrong Path on Protecting Right Whales


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