A Florida Raccoon

A Florida Raccoon
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The Florida Raccoon
Procyon lotor


In the Seminole language,
Raccoon is:
wood - ko, one who rubs.


These little creatures run throughout

our Ocala National Forest and can be

frequently seen by the side of the road, often

with their babies, waiting for the cars to pass.

Raccoons have really only one enemy, people.


Although cute and cuddly looking,

Raccoons can also be carriers of several diseases

which are harmful to humans and their pets,

like rabies and distemper.


They can be quite enjoyable to watch as they

scurry about doing what they do best,

hunting for their next meal.

Raccoons will eat almost anything and

this frequently can get them into trouble.


We recently had an occurrence with an apparently large Raccoon.

One night, it ripped the bottom of our wooden gate off

to get in and knock down several bird feeders.

We weren't sure at first if it was a Raccoon, until

upon further inspection at the crime scene,

many little footprints identified the burglar~


Obviously with the Raccoon and other wild animals,

the worst possible thing that we can do is to feed them

as this causes them to trust humans,

which in turn leads them to becoming

dependent on us for food,

which is always a very bad idea.


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