The Florida Ghost Orchid
The Florida Ghost Orchid
Photo credit: Mike Fournier

The Endangered Plants of Florida



The Florida Ghost Orchid
Dendrophylax lindenii


Florida, La Florida, as it was named by Spanish explorer

Ponce De Leon, in the early 1500's, means Land of the Flowers.

We certainly do attempt to live up to the name!

There are 118 Orchid Species in the State of Florida,

and 50 of them are in South Florida.

 Orchids also grow in our Forests, but they have

been picked by poachers there into near extinction.


There are over 55 Endangered or Threatened plants in Florida,

and they are all conveniently listed here:

Florida's Federally Listed Plant Species


Most of the Indigenous Plant Life in Florida is associated with a

specific Ecosystem, some examples of these are listed below.


As this site is neither a Scientific nor Governmental work,

the Plants below were specifically chosen for the purpose

of their connection to Endangered Florida Wildlife:

Places to learn more:


Florida Native Plant Society

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