A Florida Miami Blue Butterfly
A Florida Miami Blue Butterfly
Photo credit: FWC/M.Wisnieski


The Endangered Butterflies of Florida



The Miami Blue Butterfly
Hemiargus thomasi bethunedaberi


This tiny Butterfly, which once ranged all

along Coastal Florida, is now relegated

to just a narrow Habitat in the Keys.

Miami Blue Butterfly
A Florida Miami Blue Butterfly
Photo credit: Florida State Dep.


Unlike the Schaus, which had a few survivors,

the Miami Blue appeared to have been completely

eliminated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.


In 1999 just a few of them were found in the

Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys.

A Miami Blue Butterfly

A Florida Miami Blue Butterfly
Photo credit: NPS


In 2002, after a great deal of petitioning, an Emergency

Action was finally put into place by Florida Fish and Wildlife,

thus securing them a spot on the Endangered Species List.


In 2003, help finally came in the form of the

University of Florida's Captive Breeding program.

Hopefully, the Miami Blue will find the same successful

ending to their story as did the Schaus Swallowtail.


If you love Butterflies, please take your children

and yourself to the UF Natural History Museum.

This world class Museum is all free except for the

Butterfly Rainforest, a wonderland filled

 with living Butterflies of every description.

The walls in the free section are covered with so many,

that it could take you hours to see all of them.


Florida Butterfly Fest

September 18-20 2015 in Gainesville at the wondrous

University of Florida Museum of Natural History.

You must see this place at least once in your life.

The Butterfly Rainforest


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