Green Anole
A Florida Native, the Green Anole
Anolis carolinensis
Photo credit: Walkingfox


The Endangered Reptiles of Florida



The Florida Lizards


We share our home in the Ocala National Forest

with two types of Lizards, or Anoles;

the green and the brown.

Both are pictured on this page.


These acrobats hang upside down everywhere

in our yard and leap, sometimes quite

great distances, to pounce on a meal.


Frequently the chosen meal is the same size

as the Lizard, or bigger, as in a huge caterpillar.


The Brown one below, has been observed leaping at

birds when he is on a feeder and they land to eat.

The shocked birds, many times its size,

fly off in complete disgust.

Recently, he has been seen on this same feeder

eyeballing a very large butterfly on a nearby flower.

Apparently the Jack Russell of Lizards,

"Big John" lost his tail at least twice before disappearing,

presumably killed in a scuffle with something.


The beautiful green Lizards, Anoles, the only species Native

to Florida and the United States, are gentle and shy,

but, they are becoming more threatened every day

as they try to fend off the brown invaders.

Brown Anole
Cuban Brown Anole
Anolis sagrei sagrei
Photo credit: Walkingfox


The dark brown lizardsare very aggressive and

will eat most anything, including the green ones.


Water or rain do not seem to bother our Lizards much,

as I have observed them sitting on the front

steps in the rain, as if they enjoy the bath~

A Florida Lizard on our screen during Tropical Storm Fay
Brown Anole hanging onto a window
screen during Tropical Storm Fay.
Photo credit: Walkingfox


Lizards are a nearly perfect insect control in your

yard and they should be appreciated for the

valuable service that they provide us each day.


Please consider using a natural form of pest elimination

and do keep them in mind before putting chemicals

on your yard, which in the end may harm not only

them and our pets, but we humans as well.

A Green Anole on our garden fence hanging
next to a Longleaf Pine needle.
Photo credit: Walkingfox


An environmental factor rarely mentioned in Florida,

is the affect of fertilizers and pesticides on our water supply.

The state of Florida, is basically a giant aquifer,

which means that literally everything we put down

our drains, on our lawns, in our lakes, or down

our gutters, may end up in our drinking water.

Something to consider.


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