1-2 hour old Key Deer Fawn, picture credit: CWRL-SIUC/Key Deer Protective Alliance
1-2 hour old Endangered Florida Key Deer Fawn
Photo courtesy of : Key Deer Protection Alliance


The Endangered Mammals of Florida



The Key Deer
Odocoileus virginianus clavium


The Florida Key Deer is the smallest Deer in the United States.

 It is a sub-species of the white tailed Deer and

is believed to be found only in the Florida Keys.


Key Deer range in height from 25-35 inches

and weigh between 45-75 pounds,

with the females being at the smaller numbers.

They can swim between the Islands where they are found.

A Florida Key Deer Fawn
A Florida Key Deer Fawn
Photo credit:


Safe drinking water on the Islands is scarce and is a constant problem for them.

Their numbers range broadly between 300-800 and

have been as few as 25 in the past.

A Florida Key Deer
A Florida Key Deer
Photo credit: Paul Frank/USFWS


70% of Key Deer deaths come from cars and there are

signs posted everywhere in their known habitats,

with up to date car death numbers for all to see.

The Keys traffic is a big problem for Key Deer
Key Deer are on the roads everywhere
Photo credit: “Copyright Larry Korhnak”


After seeing these fragile, delicate creatures in the Keys,

their fate is of an even more personal nature now.

A Florida Key Deer Fawn
A Florida Key Deer Fawn
Photo Credit: Wiki


They roam with little fear through yards and grassy areas

grazing on their favorite food of mangrove, as well as other

not so digestible plant life and are treasured by most of the locals.

Florida Key Deer
Florida Key Deer Mother and Fawn
Photo credit: John Oberheu/USFWS


The encroachment of civilization on their already small habitat,

along with traffic and dogs are the major threats to the deer numbers.

Florida Key Deer
A Florida Key Deer Fawn
Photo credit: USFWS

Population stability for the Endangered Key Deer may be difficult to

achieve however, because speed reduction, seen as the most 

effective way to stop the road deaths, will not be popular  

in an area with extremely heavy tourist traffic year round.


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