A Florida Grasshopper Sparrow
A Grasshopper Sparrow
Photo credit: Archibald Station/FGSP
Sparrow sounds: UF Hardy


The Endangered Birds of Florida






Grasshopper Sparrow
Ammodramus savannarum floridanus

To begin: what is a Bird?

A Bird is a warm blooded, bipedal (two legs)

vertebrate (has a backbone) with feathers,

bills and wings and most can fly.

It lays eggs to reproduce and many theories have

it classified as a direct descendant of Dinosaurs,

dating back to the Jurassic period.


This shy, tiny songbird of less than five inches, is gray and brown,

with streaks of black and white on their backs.


This bird was given its name because its song sounds like a grasshopper.


Their diet is a variety of insects and spiders.

The two sexes look similar.

This bird nests in June and July.


"Of the seven breeding locations in the state there are fewer than 1,000 birds"*

*FFWCC-Songbirds-Florida Grasshopper Sparrow


"The numbers for the Grasshopper Sparrow are at about 1,000 birds in the State.*

*FWS Species Profile Document


A petition to sign for the Grasshopper Sparrow:

Support the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow


A new facebook page for this Endangered Florida Bird:

Grasshopper Sparrow


Places to learn more:

Archibald Station

Archibald Biological Station



Florida Grasshopper Sparrow In Freefall

Grasshopper Sparrow



Florida's Resident Grasshopper Sparrow


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Grasshopper Sparrow


Palmetto-Pear Preserve




Grasshopper Sparrow



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