The elusive Okeechobee Gourd
The Okeechobee Gourd
or Indian Pumpkin
Photo credit: Sherry Williams/Seminole County


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The Okeechobee Gourd or Indian Pumpkin
Cucurbita okeechobeensis


Florida, La Florida, as it was named by Spanish explorer

Ponce De Leon, in the early 1500's, means Land of the Flowers.

We certainly do attempt to live up to the name!

This very rare Gourd was in the past found primarily

along the southern shores of Lake Okeechobee

in Alligator nests among the Pond Apple orchards.

An Okeechobee Gourd Flower
The Okeechobee Gourd Flower
Photo credit: Sherry Williams/Seminole County

An Okeechobee Gourd
Okeechobee Gourd
Photo credit: Marc Minno/USFWS


However by the 1930's, this Habitat had been 95% decimated

by the growing spread of agriculture in the area.

An Okeechobee Gourd

In 1994, the Gourd was discovered along the St. John's River

in Volusia county, near willows and elderberries

and again in the nests of Alligators.

An immature Okeechobee Gourd

An immature Okeechobee Gourd
Photo credit:


The Okeechobee Gourd remains an elusive,

but beautiful reminder of the very fragile Ecosystem

which exists in Florida, indeed in the whole of Earth.


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