The Miccosukee Gooseberry
The Miccosukee Gooseberry
Photo credit: USACE/John Cichoski


The Endangered Plants of Florida



The Miccosukee Gooseberry
Ribes echinellum


Florida, La Florida, as it was named by Spanish explorer

Ponce De Leon, in the early 1500's, means Land of the Flowers.

We certainly do attempt to live up to the name!

The Miccosukee Gooseberry is a Florida Endangered plant.

This deciduous shrub grows as a low shrub bush

reaching from one to three feet.

The delectable fruit are about one half inch,

light green, somewhat sour berries.

It grows best in the shade of deciduous

trees in wet, but well drained acidic soil.


It was first found in 1824 on Lake Miccosukee

near Tallahassee, an early home

to the Miccosukee people.


The Miccosukee Gooseberry is also found in

South Carolina and Georgia.

Miccosukee Gooseberry
The Miccosukee Gooseberry
Ribes echinellum
Photo credit: USACE/John Cichoski


There are over 55 Endangered or Threatened plants in Florida,

and they are all conveniently listed here:

Florida's Federally Listed Plant Species


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Miccosukee Gooseberry


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Miccosukee Gooseberry


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Miccosukee Gooseberry



Miccosukee Gooseberry



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