Fin Whale sounding
The Fin Whale
Photo Credit: Whale Watch West Cork
Fin Whale Sounds: Cornell Biocoustics Research


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The Fin Whale
Balaenoptera physalus


The Federally Endangered Fin Whale is

the second largest whale, attaining a possible

length of more than eighty feet and weighing

as much as sixty tons, it is the second

largest living animal after the Blue Whale.

Fin Whales
Fin Whales
Photo credit: NOAA


Found in every ocean, the most remarkable

characteristic of the Fin Whale is its

prominent dorsal fin.

Fin Whales

Fin Whales
Photo credit: NOAA


Although they usually swim alone, they can

occasionally be found in small groups.

This very fast swimming whale, has been

called the Greyhound of the Sea and

may live for up to ninety years.

Fin Whale Approach

Fin Whale Approach
Photo credit: Annie Douglas@PRD/SFSC


The song of the male Fin Whale is one

of the lowest made by any animal and is

normally too low for humans to hear.

Fin Whale

Fin Whale
Photo Credit: Lori@NOAA

As with many other endangered sea species,

mortality in Whales most frequently results from ship

collisions, fishing entanglements, hunting, noise pollution,

and raw waste dumped into the oceans by Cruise ships,

and the U.S. Navy Ships, making the world's oceans

more resemble one big garbage dump.


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