Florida's Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park
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The Endangered Ecosystems of Florida


The Everglades


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Marjory, Miccosukees and Memories



To begin, what is an Ecosystem?

It is an Environment within which many Species,

both Plant (flora) and Animal, (fauna)

maintain a way of daily life, unconsciously

 interdependent upon one another and

the area that they inhabit together.

March 30, 2009

The fight in the Everglades against the invasion of

Burmese Pythons, just found a new ally in the form

of the Python Patrol who are doing their best to make

sure that they do not set up shop next in the Keys.

March 27, 2009

Today with little fanfare, an announcement was made

that came as no surprise for those who keep watch over

the politicians in Tallahassee, that the land deal

between Florida and U.S. Sugar has been downsized.

Governor Crist claims the downward economy

was responsible for the decision.

March 25, 2009

As if this National Treasure did not already have enough problems,

now it has been invaded by a lethal Reptile with a powerful appetite.

For years, unthinking pet owners have been releasing their

unwanted snakes, namely Burmese Pythons, into the Everglades

when they tired of feeding them.

Endangered Species have already been found in the stomachs

of these dangerous snakes and the problem is growing daily.

The presence of these snakes poses a danger not only for

Indigenous Everglades Wildlife, but imagine if a child

were to be taken by one them during a visit to the area.

A Bill by Senator Nelson banning the import of Pythons in

South Florida, is supported by Governor Crist and Wildlife Groups.

A vote on this bill will take place in Tallahassee on April 15.

If you live in the area, please try to attend and show your

support for this legislation to protect Everglades Wildlife.

As expected, pet snake owners and pet retailers are opposed to this.

All that is at stake here is the future of Wildlife in the Everglades.


November 2008

It is strange how such a pristine, vital place could be the

source of such contentious confrontations, but that is

exactly what the Everglades have been and continue to be.

Once again, the disappointment comes from promises made

 and then revoked by Governor Crist, who apparently has

decided that former Sugar makers and Florida should now be

partners in the Alternative fuel business on the site of the old mill.

Is there a single soul in this state who does not know what

the ecological result of this new proposition will be for the

Everglades Ecosystem so very dependant on constant, clean

 flowing water for its good health?

Something not usually connected to an Alternative fuel factory.

It is a sad situation, motivated by money, as the future looks even

 more bleak now for those who have no voice in all of this,

the about to become extinct wildlife and an entire Ecosystem.

If you are concerned, please feel free to write or call

the Governor and tell him what's on your mind~


June 24, 2008

Today begins a celebration for wildlife in Florida.

On this day, the biggest sugar producer

in the state has gotten out of the business of

destroying the Everglades and the Ecosystem

still desperately trying to survive within it.


Yes, it will not fully take effect for six years

and a great deal of money was paid for the land,

but it is a start that will at least give the

Everglades a chance to begin to replenish itself.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Marjory Stoneman Douglas in 1983, canoeing with a Miccosukee Tribal member
at the Miccosukee Cultural Center in the Everglades, near Forty mile Bend.
Photo credit: Florida State Archives


Although, this day comes too late for

one devoted to saving the Everglades,

for all of those who have fought for years

to bring this about, it is sweet none the less.


This day is historical and the events are monumental,

now begins the long, long healing process that those who

love Florida's wild faces and places have been waiting for.

Even the creatures who live in the Everglades

must sense that a better time is coming for them.

Everglade Mangroves
Everglade Mangroves
Photo credit: NPS


The Florida Everglades is the last stop for many of our

most Endangered species, both plant and animal.

If we hope to preserve the beauty that is Florida, it must begin here.

Outcrops of Liimestone in the Everglades
The Everglades
Outcrops of Limestone in a Sawgrass Prairie
hoto credit: Moni3


The Everglades is a unique microcosm, an Ecosystem unto itself,

with a variety of species found nowhere else on Earth:

there are 360 species of Birds here.

A Florida Panther in the Everglades
An Everglades Panther
Photo credit: NPS


Big Cypress National Preserve and the Everglades were

at one time, the Ancestral homes of a large population of

Wood Stork who are now moving north due to habitat loss.

But this Florida Natural place reflects the potential measure

by which mankind will ultimately be judged as to

whether we will fail or succeed as a species as well.

The future will judge us for how well we

cared for the world we lived in.


If the Everglades is not allowed to return to the natural wonder

that it was before greed overpowered common sense,

our grandchildren may only have books to experience

what we once knew as the Everglades and

all of the Wildlife who call it home.


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