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The Florida Panther
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September 2, 2013


Wild Horse with foal
Picture: Public Domain


Do you believe?

I believe.

Voices are heard.

Prayers do work.

Those who wanted to slaughter horses have lost.

When voices are unanimous, when prayers are spoken in unison,

they can and do make a difference.

We must never underestimate the power that we have to change the wrongs,

to make things better for animals around the world, that are in harm’s way.

In this instance, so many of you cried out in protest so loudly, about the impending murder

of these beautiful wild creatures, these innocent animals, that for the moment at least,

the score is: horses one, slaughter houses, zero!

Is this fight over, no, absolutely not, but the very fact that the courts have heard you

and responded in this positive manner, is a really good signal that this will

not be a slam-dunk for the slaughter industry.

They now know, that they are in for a full-fledged battle with some

of the most powerful animal groups that exist.

Too many animal people across this country, even around the Globe,

are really, really, angry about this impending action and

are making their feelings known loud and clear.

Please, do not stop.

Keep writing, keep calling, and under no conditions should any of us think that this is a done deal.

The lives of these horses depends on all of us, we can not let them down.

We are just getting warmed up here.

*Please feel free to Reblog this, post it to FB and then tell all of your friends who love animals*

They cannot wait.

The inspiring story with all of the details is on one of the very best animal advocate sites on Word Press,

Our Compass:  Equine Advocates Win Reprieve




August 25, 2013

Why Seeds Matter?

Jane Goodall,  September 2011

Jane Goodall,  September, 2011
Picture credit: Angela George

As many of you know, my education was in Anthropology and perhaps you may have read

the recent posting here about Dian Fosey’s life and the movie, Gorillas in the Mist.

Today in my email, there was a story that I wish to share with all of you, actually it was an

outstanding interview done by the Sierra Club recently with the remarkable Jane Goodall, who at

nearly 80 years of age, still remains one of the world’s most revered Anthropologists/Primatologists.

Mary Leakey, Margaret Mead, Dian Fosey and Jane Goodall were my heroes and as women,

their importance in the field of Anthropology, were as the groundbreaking “door openers

 for all of the women of the science who would follow them.

What is discussed in this interview, is something very close to her heart

and mine as well, it is all about seeds.

What is so important about seeds you may ask?

Seeds, are the primary source of food supplies in countries all over the Globe,

and for years they have been controlled by Monsanto and may I add,

they do not have our best interests at heart.

This company has been written about here previously and

their quite poor record on Global health issues is a matter of public record.

GMO’s, seeds and what we all  need to know to protect our world and the future of all food,

which after water, is without question, a most crucial part of all human life,

are discussed in the interview.

Although a recent most unflattering critique of her book reveals some issues,

these remarks are about her book, Seeds of Hope, however, the issue of how extremely

important seed supplies in the world are, is what should be focused upon.

What is that saying, “let those of us without sin cast the first stone? “

Personally, my own sins would probably reach from Florida to the Moon and back~

So, if the critic’s claims are true, I can and do forgive her for her literary sins, but what I believe

is much more important here for all of us, is the very bright light that she shines on the subject

of how Monsanto is very successfully trying to control all of our world’s food sources.

Goodall’s book may have some problems, but her ideas about seeds, are what should

matter to all of us, if we wish to have untainted food supplies in the future.

Hopefully you will have a moment to read this intriguing, passionate interview,

about the potentially dark future of our world’s food.

It’s not too important, it’s only about whether or not our children and

their children will have safe, healthy food to eat.

Sowing Seeds Of Hope: An Interview with Jane Goodall



August 16, 2013

66 Bad Guys Bite The Dust!

Elephants At Zakouma National Park in SE Chad,
the tragic sight of many Elephant deaths by poachers.

Oh yes, sometimes the good guys do win.

And on this day, 66 bad guys have bit the dust!

As has sadly been posted on this Blog several times, elephant and rhino poaching

in Africa is out of control and increasing at an outrageous and alarming rate.

These beautiful animals and others are continually being murdered

and/or maimed for their body parts all over Africa and also India.

The long tentacles of the smuggling industry have now become Global, as increasingly

desperate people will do nearly anything to provide an income for their starving families.

But even as the numbers of those who choose this life of animal crime increases

exponentially, so do those who intend to stop them.

Yesterday, Interpol a global group dedicated to among other things, ending

 the widespread wildlife poaching and smuggling industry in Africa, announced

that with the group’s recent successful campaign known as,  Project Wendi,

they have over the past few months, arrested 66 Ivory Smugglers in Africa.

The massive financial rewards for all involved in this despicable business,

makes them willing to risk prison or death, for the money that awaits them.

Although this recent Project by Interpol may not stop the insanity in Africa,

it is a beginning and each one arrested slows down the process, just a bit.

And another animal may live a day longer.


Read more about the great news here:

Interpol Arrests 66 Ivory Poachers

Ivory Bust Reveals Traffickers New Tactics

Hong Kong Seizes Tonnes of Ivory

DNA Testing, A Powerful Weapon

Rhino Poaching in India



August 4, 2013

Fin Soup Is Not Fine

A Lemon Shark
Picture credit: Albert Kok

After having to repeatedly watch some idiot recently wrestle a shark to the shore

just to show off and take its picture, as well as an increasing number of Shark abuse stories,

I swore that if there was even one more ugly story about them, I would have to write

and that story was just delivered into my email.

What ever happened to that great fearsome beast of the movie Jaws

that made people shudder with fear?

Today Sharks seem more likely to be on the news being terrorized, than as the

killing machines that they have historically been known as.

One of the most perfectly evolved species ever to inhabit the seas, this virtual perfect predator,

is not only no longer being avoided in fear, it is now being stalked, maimed and murdered at

the alarming rate of more than 100 million a year, which has the science community fearing

that they may become extinct within our lifetime.

Here in Central Florida, some locals brag that we are the shark bite capital of the world,

which is somewhat bogus because the majority of the incidences are quite minor,

with just a few stitches required to send the victims back to the beaches.

Sharks come close to the shore looking for their favorite prey, which is usually a seal

and a surfer or swimmer to their eyes, looks like their favorite food,

so they nibble and not liking the taste, usually move on.

In spite of this, the ugly tag remains on the areas around Ponce Inlet,

as being a shark attack hot spot!

The world’s ocean ecosystems without sharks would be a tragedy,

as their presence is required to maintain balance and order in the seas.

Yet again, Humans are the causal factor in this disappearance story.

Sharks all over the world are losing their lives, just as the elephants, rhinos

and others, for their body parts.

In the case of the now globally hunted sharks, it is their fins which have become

the key ingredient in a disgusting, delicacy called, shark fin soup!

The news is not good for stopping this despicable practice, as only some countries

in the world at this time, have completely banned this outrageous animal offense.

While these few countries have issued a lukewarm ban on this issue, many more need

to get on board because if we don’t, pretty soon, the only sharks you may see,

will only be in either an aquarium, not good, or even worse, only in the movies.

The story is here: Driven From Predator to Prey – Sharks Face Extinction



July 28, 2013

Class Of 2013 Cranes


   Whooping Cranes following the ultraflight                      Adult and juvenile Whooping Cranes                       Whooping Cranes in Flight                            

This is a very exciting day for those of us here in Florida who love the spectacular Whooping Cranes.

The young ones have just arrived at their ”Crane College” today in Wisconsin from the

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, Maryland and will spend the summer

getting a complete ”Crane Education.”

In the Fall, after their “training” is finished, these beauties will begin their migration

south, or Operation Migration, following the ultralight on the long journey

to their winter home here in Florida.

Florida is famous for its Snowbirds and these Endangered beauties are just another

example of why so many love to come down here every year and spend their winters in paradise.

When the young birds finally do get here in the Fall, people will come from all over the country

to see them in their winter homes at the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge

on Florida’s Gulf or West Coast, near Tampa.

So, until we see you in September babies, listen to your teachers and play nice with the other kids~

You may learn more about our beautiful Whooping Cranes here:


These links are to stories about their arrival today in Wisconsin:

Whooping Cranes Arrive In Wisconsin

Eight Whooping Crane Chicks Arrive In Wisconsin



Will They Hear Your Voices?

Wild Mustangs In Arizona
Picture by John Harwood

Prayers can and will be answered.

Voices can and will be heard.

Thank you so much to the wonderful group at Our Compass!

I have just signed this and am next sharing it on F.B.

Please I beg you, please do the same.

Sign it, share it, reblog it!

Let your voices speak for these Horses who are out of time and about to be slaughtered.

Please read this and act fast.

Reblog this, share this, please help to spread the word.

Please don’t let them die without their voices being heard:

Update: US Horse Slaughter On Hold For Now



July 24, 2013

A Fed Bear Is A Dead Bear

A young Black Bear
Picture credit: hans-stieglitz

Once again this morning, I had not intended to write, but once again it was not to be.

This state has a pretty poor record, in my eyes, when it comes to “nuisance,

(their word not mine) anything.”

Nearly every day in our local news, there is another story of a wild animal

who has caused a problem and has been killed.

Today, yet another Black Bear has stepped across that magical, mythical line set up by those

in charge and he has paid for his indiscretions with his life: Black Bear Euthanized

He was ” euthanized,” what a deceitful word that is,

why do they dare not speak the truth, they killed him.

Our Florida Black Bears are normally shy, reclusive, omnivores

(which means that they will eat most anything)

and there has never been an incidence of one attacking a human here.

The ones who end up on the Orlando news are usually at the top of a tree,

waiting for the people, the cameras and the noise to leave,

so that they can come down and go about their business.

Perhaps if I had not lived for so many years in a place like California, where wild things

are now pretty much coveted, it would not be so hard to live here in Florida,

the wildlife hunting capital of the South.

To be completely fair, it was not always so animal friendly in California, in the

historical past, many wild animals were hunted and killed, which is why today,

there are so few of them left and people have reversed their thinking

and now go out of their way to protect them.

Florida seems to have such a low tolerance level for wild things that bring attention to themselves.

The place where this bear was killed is in an upscale place on Florida’s West or Gulf Coast,

called Naples, I know this only because one of my Aunts lives there

and she has commented on the kind of people who call it home.

Some of the very wealthy residents of Naples, like others of Florida’s affluent resort areas,

only live here part of the year and they don’t care much for having wild things roaming around

in their neighborhoods and want to be assured that everything is “under control.”

And as is usually the case with a wild animal here, “under control” means dead.

We did have a large gorgeous Black Bear here in our little corner of the world

that was recently caught and relocated:

Massive Black Bear Relocated

So, the lesson learned here is a bitter one, indeed.

Any animal, wild or otherwise, will remain where a food supply is constant

and it was surmised by the authorities, that someone was feeding this young Black Bear.

As the FWS officer who ended this bear’s life quite accurately pointed out,

” a fed bear is a dead bear.”

The reminders about “bear safety” are on the news here constantly and

wouldn’t you think after witnessing enough of these sad “euthanizations“on TV,

that people would eventually get it?

If we eliminate their food source, the Bears won’t come.

So, this little, young bear is gone, he is dead and will not, as has often been done in the past, be relocated

up to where we are in the Ocala Forest, because he might repeat his most ”offensive actions.”

If only our Florida wildlife got as many second chances, as the criminals here who repeatedly

commit the same crimes and continue to go free.

Perhaps there should be a separate justice system for our criminal wildlife?



July 21, 2013

Beautiful, Beneficial Bats

 A beautiful Endangered Gray Bat
Photo credit:  Dr. Renn Tumlison

This Issue is one that I wrote about some time ago, but recent news has reminded me once again,

that the crisis for this animal has not only not gone away, but has gained momentum and

appears to now be an out of control situation: Biological Diversity Public Action

The animals are beautiful, beneficial Bats and the disease that is wiping this mammal

off of the face of the Earth, is white-nose syndrome.

Many people have a negative opinion of this” most helpful friend “ and even those who

don’t fear it, may have a difficult time feeling any great remorse for its current plight.

Right now, Bats in this country are facing nearly complete eradication from this rampant

fungal disease and the prospects of the species surviving, do not look too good.

You should be very concerned about this situation, but you may not know why.

Bats are the single most prolific insect eater on the planet and if they ceased to exist,

those nasty little creepy, crawly, critters might just, as in the biblical prophecies, not only,

" inherit the earth, “  they may just take it over quite quickly, with little to stop them, other than

more huge quantities of what is becoming more and more frequently, ”useless insecticides.”

The over use of these terrible toxins for way too long now, has caused countless numbers

of insects to become “super bugs,”  that are developing complete immunity to them.

Now, this is all a very scary thought, unless you happen to love bugs.

As for the beleaguered Bats, the white-nose syndrome has now spread across the country

into 22 states and has killed more than 7 million Bats in its death march.

Irregardless of our personal feelings about Bats, we all need them in our lives,

because the world would not be a very “human friendly” place to live with out them.

We actually have a Bat house on our property and continue to hope that one day,

it might just have some visitors~

As usual, it would be wonderful if you chose to get involved and

several ways to do this are detailed in these two stories:





July 14, 2013

Bringing Buffalo Back

Buffalo in the Black Hills     Buffalo in the Black Hills

Buffalo in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, land of the Oglala Lakota people.

Unless you are from the Western United States, Buffalo or Bison,

 may not be an animal that you have ever encountered.

My experiences with Buffalo are quite personal, having seen them in the Dakota’s and

on Reservations where they long ago flourished, roaming in numbers by the millions.

This is a remarkable animal, as you would know, once you have come face to face

with them and I do mean this quite literally, having once had one lean all the way

inside my Jeep in Yellowstone, just to say “hello.”

What an unforgettable experience that was!

My love of the Native people and the Buffalo of the Dakota’s, was the driving force

in creating a website to Honor them many years ago:


The Buffalo/Bison were of immense historical and cultural importance to

Plains Native people and it may be difficult for non natives to fully appreciate

the extremely vital role that they had played in their lives.

To the Plains people, the Buffalo was everything.

But, in the late 1800′s, this world of the  Buffalo Culture, would come crashing down,

when Buffalo Bill Cody, a newly constructed coast to coast railroad system

and the US Government, completely changed and nearly eradicated,

both a beloved animal and a people, almost.

After the initial slaughter, a meager few remained in remote parts of the

Dakotas and several other areas, untouched by the kill orders.

The US Government believed that by eliminating their source of food, and an entire culture,

the Natives would relinquish at last and go where they were supposed to be,

the prisons that were to become their permanent homes, the Reservations.

For the past two hundred or so years, the absence of their beloved Buffalo has been a

knife in the hearts to all of those who loved them, up until about a year ago,

when they witnessed a historic event, the buffalo were being brought back.

Native people are deliriously happy for their return, wildlife officials love what is happening

to the Plains ecosystems, it is a win-win all around.

A bittersweet remark in the story, says that the return of the Buffalo,

” have restored balance to the land,” imagine that!

Although it looks good for now, there is one tiny little hiccup, they are running

out of money to continue funding this project.

The complete posting is here and if you do choose to get involved, it seems a small

pay back for an animal and a people who have been repeatedly abused by

invaders to their homelands for more than two hundred years:

Yellowstone Bison Revitalize Prairie On Fort Reservation



July 13, 2013



                       Wild Horse with foal picture: Public Domain             Canadian Geese with goslings picture: Brocken Inaglory

I had no intentions of writing today, as you know by now, this has been a difficult week

and we are both exhausted.

However, our local news this morning will allow me no rest.

At 5 AM, the first story on our news here, was that the state of

New Mexico And The FDA Have Come To An Agreement

and they will be slaughtering horses.

As if to quell the expected outbreak of hostility, it was clearly stated that of course,

none of the horse meat will be sold in America.

Hello, that is not the problem people, the problem is, you are slaughtering horses.

Hopefully, you have all had the chance to read my story on this Blog,

called “We Want To Live.”

A group on Facebook has much, much more:


It is simply incomprehensible to me and I am sure to you as well, that this is going to be done.

Is America still a Democracy?

Do the concerns of the People have any meaning any more?

Why is there no discussion, no input allowed, for something as egregious as this?

We, the People, in this country have raised our voices in absolute objection to many Issues

and it is if we are speaking another language, no one in charge seems to hear us.

I feel so angry, so sickened by this, that I cannot speak.

Then, as if that news was not enough to break my heart this morning, I opened my first email

and it was about 144 Canadian Geese being slaughtered in North Carolina.

The group trying to stop it has a petition and much more information here:


Sometimes, like today, I feel like this is all for nothing.

Right now, my heart is broken and it is like no one is listening, nobody cares.



July 11, 2013

The Brits And The Badgers

A Badger whose future is unclear
(source of this picture is unknown)

Since beginning this Blog in March, many Issues have been addressed here that involved animals being harmed.

Thankfully, being the kind and caring readers that you all are, you have responded with zest, zeal and passion.

But the one topic that has evoked the most overt reaction, raw emotion and

absolute disgust from all of you has been, mass animal murders.

What has been written about here relating to this particular topic to date are:

 horses, elephants, gorillas and rhinos.

There are other stories to be told, but not written about here yet, with past and

future planned executions in this country, namely, wolves and bison or buffalo and

of course, the Burmese Python In The Florida Everglades.

It remains curious to me, that whenever humans wish to dispose of an unwanted or unwelcome animal,

they choose to call what they intend to do to it, a CULL.

(This definition comes from their Oxford dictionary)

Are they uneasy with the words “mass murder?”

Now sadly, as of today, one more species can be added to this list: Badgers.

To be completely honest, until this came to my attention here on Word Press,

I knew nothing about this animal, but in the few short months here,

I have witnessed a Global Outcry From Fellow Bloggers about what is

being planned in England for this animal.

For some unknown reason, certain humans seem to believe that it makes more of an impact,

if the slaughter of a chosen victim is done is huge numbers, and for some odd reason,

the last two discussed here, had the number 5,000.

After reading the stated reasoning behind the proposed slaughter this August of Great Britain’s Badgers,

the explanation for this action is that they believe it will reduce the number of cases of TB in the Cattle there.

The Country has had an often times, ugly history with this animal,

point in case being the now forbidden, Blood Sport Of Badger Baiting.

For those of you not living in, or familiar with America, we have had a similar case

like this with our Native bison, or buffalo in Wyoming.

Years ago, Montana Ranchers began slaughtering bison or buffalo, just as soon as they left Yellowstone

and wandered into their state because they feared the Bison were infecting, or could potentially infect,

their cows with Brucellis abortis.

And one final thought, a new story today, says that the upcoming CULL Of Badgers

may not even be of any benefit at all, according to one of their very own.

As the species with the supposedly larger brain, could we not at least consider ways to deal

with animals that we seem to have a conflict with, other than mass murders?

Come to think of it, our past history with other humans does not lend itself well to this, does it?



July 9, 2013

Plastic, You’re Outta Here!

Plastic trash on the Beach in Hawaii
Picture credit: NOAA

I have been wanting to address this Issue for months and with this announcement today,

it is now time.

The city of Los Angeles, my home for over 30 years, who is continually

at the forefront and frequently a leader in cutting edge everything,

has just passed the most exciting eco-friendly legislature in its history.

It has banned single-use plastic bags.

I can see Ed Begley Jr. smiling from here~

So now, how long will it take for the rest of us to get on board this Eco-train?

The damage done Globally by all kinds of plastics, cannot easily be assessed.

It injures, affects, hurts and kills so many types of animals everywhere,

that it is difficult to accurately measure its complete harm.

Birds, turtles, dolphins, whales and many other sea animals are all being found

with plastic pieces, some quite large, that they have ingested in the waters all over the world.

Baby chicks of sea birds in remote parts of the Pacific, have been found starving to death due to

the plastic pieces that they are being fed instead of food, mistakenly by their unaware parents.

It just goes on and on.

So, my request, my hope, is that we collectively, will try to do our best to get plastic out of our lives.

As for myself, I can only offer up what I have done for so many years and

that is to find alternatives to plastic in every form.

When and if any plastic does regretfully make its way home, it is dealt

with as the potential killer that it truly is.

It is disposed of very carefully, always with an animal ending up being harmed by it in mind.

I am so proud of L.A. for being a leader on this extremely important Issue and applaud them.

Where I now live in Florida, on our street, we are one of very few who even

put out a recycle bin for the trash collectors each week.

So sad!

Each of us can do this, we can help by simply making a small change in our lives

and spare animals a painful, horrible death, by just not buying plastic,

each and every time that we can choose an alternative.

Think baby steps, take it one plastic product, one plastic choice at a time and

pretty soon it could be, it can be, gone from all of our lives.

And finally, picture a hungry baby bird with its tiny belly filled up with bits of plastic,

perhaps that will be all the motivation you will ever need?

You know that we can do this~

Please read more about this Issue here:

Los Angeles Enacts Plastic Bag Ban



July 8, 2013

One Less Monster In The World Today

Elephants At Zakouma National Park in SE Chad,
the tragic sight of many Elephant deaths by poachers

Who says that dreams don’t come true?

Today is a miracle day for all those who love Elephants, as a monster has been captured in Africa.

In Chad a poacher named Hassan Idriss, who has the blood of 89 Elephants and

more on his hands, has been captured.

This monster has been repeatedly murdering Elephants and he is known to have help or accomplices.

It is time to get serious about these monsters and drag them all into court, where they will

hopefully be given the harshest ever known sentence in Africa for these heinous crimes.

Do they have the death penalty in Africa for poachers?

If they do not, they should because these mass animal murderers are at the

bottom of the barrel as far as a species goes.

Yes, there is one down, and so many more to go, but on this wonderful day, there is one less.

So many Blessings can be said today for a small, but important victory for the Elephants.

Please do read the story about this and so much more at this remarkable place for all who love animals:

Poacher Captured In Chad



June 30, 2013

We Want To Live

Wild Mustangs In Arizona
Picture by John Harwood

Well the uplifting news days are now officially in limbo, as several stories came

this morning that have put the fire back in my eyes.

Not everyone, I am sure, is passionate about Horses, some may fear them, others may

have no opinion either way, but then there are those of us, who grew up loving them

and would not take kindly to anyone harming them, for any reason.

It is being reported that Apaches in Arizona are asking to be allowed to slaughter 4,000

wild horses on their Reservations because their people cannot afford to feed them

and they can make a great deal of money if they do so.

You may remember that New Mexico is about to become the first US State to allow

Horse Slaughtering and have a Slaughter House?

The two key factors to consider in this gut-wrenching conflict are:

that many, many horses will be killed for lack of food and

they are living on land where the US Government should have no say.

Now, several thoughts come to mind:

Can some or all of these horses be adopted?

Can outsiders donate food for them?

Aside from the obvious ethical considerations in this issue, let us all think for a moment on this?

The proposed slaughter of these animals is to produce meat for humans to eat,

an extremely disgusting thought.

What has not been made clear, or undisclosed deliberately, is that some of these Horses were

previously used in Horse Racing, ( a blood sport/abomination that makes my blood boil )

and therefore were exposed regularly to various drugs making the human consumption

of them not a terribly good idea.

My question is this, as an adamant horse lover, what gives anyone the right

to murder all of these beautiful animals?

Yes, they are living and breeding on Native Reservations, which makes the whole issue somewhat

cloudy and controversial because Native Reservations are supposed to be Sovereign Nations.

One explanation as to the reason that the Apaches or other Tribes would be so desperate to do this

for purely economic reasons and that I have long complained about, is the nearly complete lack of

interest by American humanitarians, philanthropists or just plain generous people, to donate or offer

assistance to try to relieve some of the absolute poverty that exists on many, if not most, US Reservations.

I can speak with a bit of experience on this issue, having been to many of them personally.

Too many Americans with the means to make a difference, take their money to other Countries, why?

So, dear animal loving people, if we wish to prevent these 4,000 horses and

many more that will surely follow them in these Western states from being slaughtered

for our next burger, we had better get involved in this and make our move now,

because this ugly issue will not be well resolved for either the animals or the Native people,

unless things change dramatically and soon.

Here are some stories to read, but only if you are able, as they do hurt:

Thousands Of Horses Could Starve On Reservations

Horse Slaughter Banned In New Mexico

Chemically Tainted Horsemeat Unfit For Consumption



June 23, 2013

Not A Time To Die

Jairo Mora Sandoval

Environmentalist Jairo Mora Sandoval

Picture credit: Didiher Chacón, director of WIDECAST

Being young should be a time of exploration, adventure and joyful discovery.

It is a time when many of us are at our highest intellectual, love and friendship peak.

But, one thing that it should never be, however, is a time to die or to be murdered.

This week on an island renowned the world over for its stunning beauty,

an innocent young man just doing what he loved, protecting leatherback turtles,

was murdered for being in the wrong place and opposing turtle poachers.

This ugly word, poachers, is getting way too much press any more and I for one,

am sick of the way that these monsters have chosen to handle those who get in the

way of their dirty little money business.

Jairo, an environmentalist and native of this place where he died,

was a mere 26 years old and should have had a full lifetime ahead of him in a field

where anyone can become a hero, at least as far as those who are saved are concerned.

In recent years, Costa Rica has been rumored to have become a place of potential danger

 for outsiders and going there for a vacation or a honeymoon could be risky.

The world that we live in today, has a new breed of hired killers and getting caught

in their cross hairs, can and has proved fatal, as in Jairo’s case this week.

I have just signed this petition for him, would you please consider doing so as well?

The Justice For Jairo Petition

No one should ever have to put their life at risk or be killed, for protecting animals.

And as today is, World Oceans Day, might we all take a moment to say a little prayer

for all of those like this beautiful young man, who care so much and put their lives

at great risk every day, to try to save Endangered wildlife on our planet?

Vaya Con Dios Jairo, may you go with God.



June 16, 2013

Courage Defined

A 2-3 year old African Mountain Gorilla
Picture credit: Kurt Ackermann

The last time that I talked about a movie,  it was a terrific, positive experience for many of you,

and you responded to it with glowing comments.

The movie from last night however, will not be the causation for a repeat of that.

I had seen this movie many years ago, when it first came out and was nearly unable to sit through it.

My reaction to the film again last night, was exactly the same.

The movie was ” Gorillas in the Mist. “

The person that I share my life with had never seen it and I had recently recorded it.

I warned him before it began, of the content, but he wanted to see it.

So, with complete trepidation on my part, we did.

This story is pretty accurate in many ways, there were a few errors, but they were minor.

When I look at films like this my Anthro education clicks in.

The film for those who may not have seen it,  is about  Dian Fossey’s nearly lifetime of work

with Africa’s Mountain or Silverback Gorillas.

The scenery is exquisite and the script is tight, but it is the wonderful personal relationships

detailed in the movie,

including the National Geographic photographer and her personal African guide,

 that make the otherwise extremely cruel subject of this film, almost bearable to watch.

But unfortunately the film also addressed her uneasy at times, frequently at odds,

rocky relationship with her mentor Louis Leakey.

My initial, " over the top, " admiration for Louis Leakey at the beginning of my studies

 in Anthropology, was abruptly reversed after reading his wife Mary's Autobiography,

 " Disclosing the Past, " which sheds some rather unflattering light on his " indiscretions. "

The film is a cold, hard look at humanity at its worst and the poachers who will do anything to make

 money by stealing and/or murdering critically endangered animals,  namely Africa's Mountain Gorillas.

Dian Fossey was one of the most dedicated scientists ever, in her particular field of study

 and she should be an example to all of us for having the courage to do what was right,

what she believed in, irregardless of the consequences.

The cast, the script, (from her book) and cinematography makes this an unforgettable,

heart breaking film that is difficult to see, but is a must be told story.

Dian's life was important, what she did for animals was important, she must never be forgotten.

This is not a film for children, or those with tender, delicate hearts.



June 8, 2013

Why Not?

Reprinted with permission
Photo by Steve Sisney, The Oklahoman


A friend had a picture and a posting this morning on her FB page that sent me to a very dark place.

(The above is not the picture, I was asked to pay $75 for that one and declined.)

This entire country has been ravaged for weeks by weather disasty heart,I have lived in states from the East Coast to the West Coast, where severe weather events are normal,

common, repeated occurrences and we always prepared for the ranch or a farm,

and have animals, why not a place forthem to be safe until the disaster passes?

Oklahoma and many other "tornado alley" states, often are able to give extensive warnings

of impending dangerous weather, so it could be possible that there would be time

enough to save some, or even all animals on a farm or ranch?

I know that this sounds bizarre, but why not?



June 2, 2013

Monsters, Murders and Mayhem


The Beautiful African Bush Elephants

This subject has been avoided for as long as possible, for one very good reason,

 my emotions, my opinions would not, could not, be considered unbiased in any way.

But when a Google Alert came a few days ago about this issue,  it could not be avoided any longer.

This subject must now be addressed because this time it is personal, it is on my doorstep.

The subject is Elephant Poaching  and the person who has been indicted,  is from New Mexico.

This monster bought the Ivory Tusks from an African Poacher and then sold them to a person here in Florida.

Personally, I believe that they should all do hard prison time because they all have blood on their hands.

But neither the time, nor the fine, could ever be enough to satisfy me, for these heinous acts against innocent animals.

This animal in particular, is one of the most beloved in the world, which makes these assaults even more difficult to bear.

The penalties all involved in this incident will receive, that will actually be enforced, are putrid, to say the very least.

In case you are not aware, taking any parts from an Endangered Species, like these African Elephants,

 is a big time crime and the punishment should be harsh, painful enough to give the beastly persons

 involved in this sickening ugly market, pause to think at least.

But it is not.

What they are all, including the legal system, doing to not only Elephants,

but to Rhinos as well,  is besides being criminal, is immoral and despicable as well.

This slaughter will never stop, not until it hurts too much to continue the crime.

These innocents are being murdered for their body parts and the beastly people involved

on all sides, care nothing for the bloodied carcasses they leave behind, only for the huge

deposits into their bank accounts.

The numbers of animals who have already died in this tragic manner, is beyond staggering,

it is nearly impossible to comprehend.

If only Humans had body parts that the animals could exploit.

I firmly believe in Karma and do expect that one day these monsters will meet theirs,

but it will be too late for all of the dead animals missing their high priced body parts.

Knowing that the species of which I am part of, can do these things, makes me ashamed to be a Human.

Told you there would be no unbiased commentary on my part.

You can learn more here:

Trophy Hunter Indicted

Elephant Poaching



Our Florida Ghost~

The Florida Ghost Orchid

The Florida Ghost Orchid
(picture credit Mike Fournier)

There was a story in the news yesterday, that prompted me to introduce you to a plant here

in Florida that is so rare, that people from all over the Globe come here hoping to see it,

some even come hoping to steal it.

Few succeed at either.

This deliciously rare and stunning beauty, is called the  Ghost Orchid

and it only grows deep in a swamp in South Florida on ancient trees,

which makes it extremely difficult to experience in person.

A word of advice, the Ghost will not grow on your front porch in a pot,

so unless you can replicate the exact conditions where it lives here, please

don't murder it needlessly, it will not survive if you take it home.

A dedicated Florida Wildlife Officer has made the safety and security of the Ghost his mission in life,

along with also watching over the most endangered mammal in America, the Florida Panther.

Ask me if would I love to have his job, you bet, in a heart beat.

He is the luckiest person on the Planet, in my opinion.

So now, about the Ghost Orchid, as some of you may know, this web site has a a page

that is especially devoted to this spectacular flower/plant.

This page, by the way is the single most visited one on the entire web site!

My hope is that some, or perhaps many of you, will go and read about our Ghost Orchid.

Its stunning beauty has inspired a book, a movie and legions of hunters, followers

and admirers from around the world.

There are simply not enough adjectives to describe its beauty, ethereal is often used,

my personal choice is breathtaking.

So dear readers, come meet the Ghost Orchid, I promise you will be enraptured by its beauty:

The Ghost Orchid



May 26, 2013

On This Memorial Day

One of our beloved Green Treefrogs

One Of Our Florida Green Treefrogs

It is Sunday and so as usual I am doing the Blogs.

But as I sit here trying hard to concentrate, think it may be impossible.

The frogs and birds are making so much noise, it is hard to think.

What I really want to do is finish weeding and play with my flowers, but alas, not.

It is a gorgeous day here in paradise.

All is good and as it should be~

If you are out and about today, perhaps you might Hug a Veteran and say:

“Thank God for you and every Veteran for the Free America that we live in.”

Have a Memorable Memorial Day.



May 19, 2013

Giving Back, Dolphin Style~

NASA Bottlenose Doplhin in Banana River of the Indian River Lagoon Florida

A Bottlenose Dolphin in Florida

Those of you who live in Florida may be familiar with

Winter, a Dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

who was given a helping hand by some very kind humans and a

new tail to replace the one that she lost due to a fishing line disaster.

If you don't live here, there is a really good movie about her life, " Dolphin Tale "

that is quite well done and details her painful tribulations, rehabilitation and eventual recovery.

Today on our local news, there was a " good news animal story, " there are so few it seems,

so this was a joy to see, about how Winter is now giving back.

A little local girl recently lost both of her feet in a freak accident and Winter is now showing

her how to adapt and relearn some basic motor skills.

These are the same kinds of things that Winter had to learn after her " accident. "

What you may not know, how could you, I have not shared this, my oldest son is a

paraplegic from birth and has always been in a wheelchair.

So, Winter's beautiful story and her struggles to deal with her injury, really hit home hard for me personally,

as did this new one today about how an animal who was nearly killed by us,

is now giving back to the Humans that helped her so much during her time of need.

I highly recommend the movie, for all ages, it is a lesson in determination, perseverance, love and patience.

Couldn't we all use a big dose of that?


Who Cares If It's Endangered Species Day?

A Florida Green Treefrog

One of our Florida green treefrogs

So there you are, thinking, not another " special day. "

I don't even get a day off of work for it, so why should I care?

But you should care, do you know why?

In our lifetime, hundreds of species have already become extinct and they are

going away at such an alarming rate, that even confirmed optimists are becoming

concerned, even downright worried, that we may lose so many, that eventually

 our planet will, as the scriptures supposedly say, " be inherited by the insects."

It seems that insects are just about the only thing that all of our pesticides,

or insecticides, don't wipe out, one way or another.

And if you're thinking "oh well, the chemical companies will save us with better,

stronger, insecticides," hello, this has become our biggest problem.

The insecticides now being produced by Monsanto, Bayer and others,

have been so over used, for so many years, that the bugs have become immune

to them and are well on their way to becoming super bugs,

 that eventually will respond to nothing that is thrown at them.

So, while you're digesting that cheery thought, think on this, all of the animals whose diet primarily

consists of insects, are the exact ones that are the most endangered and are becoming extinct:

the bats, the bees, the birds, the frogs, the list goes on and on.

These wonderful, fragile creatures, are what stands between us and the hordes of

marauding insects, who are so anxious to take over our world.

To repeat, countless mammals, birds, bees and amphibians, are leaving this world

 precisely because of the overuse and wide-spread blanketing of our planet with poisons.

So, here's an idea for all of us on this, " not traffic stopping, just another day, " or Endangered Species Day.

Think what your/our world would be like, if the insects were all that was left here, besides us.

If that thought doesn't motivate you to get involved and pick an animal, or species to care about,

come on down to Florida and spend a week in the Everglades in August

and see what the future could be like for all of us.

As for me, I will keep pounding on this little Vaio 'til my fingers bleed or I croak, hoping that

somewhere, somehow, I will reach you and you will be affected enough to care and get involved.

The future of this planet as we know it, is on you, on me, on all of us.

So, the question remains, what will we do?

Endangered Species Day



May 14, 2013

What's For Lunch?

A Lion in Botswana, Africa

A lion in Botswana, Africa

Before I begin, I wish to thank the 222+ Word Press Blog "wildlife watchers "

who have elected to "Follow" the Blog.

Although this inconsequential little Blog has only been online for two months,

it has had over 4,000 hits and more than 200 followers.

Can I say, this is all just slightly overwhelming and completely unexpected?

I have been writing about these same Wildlife Issues for many years,

not on Word Press, to my great chagrin, with little positive response.

But now, after two brief months on WP, I am convinced that you are not only out there,

but that you absolutely do care what happens to "those with no voice."

Please accept my gratitude and a humble thank you from my heart to yours,

for all that you have shared here since its inception on March 10.

Now, for today's Wildlife Issue revelation, for you to react to, respond to,

and if history repeats, clearly oppose~

As many of you know, I live in Florida.

For much of the world, this is a place where Mickey and Minnie rule and fun abounds,

but there is another side, a dark side, to the happiest place on Earth and it is this:

Florida has the highest numbers of physical abuse towards women, children

and you guessed it, animals, of any state in America.

A fact that sickens me to acknowledge.

Since moving here permanently in 2006, many stories on our local news have caused me

great concern and alarm, especially those relating to animals being harmed by humans,

but there are two recent stories that simply cannot wait, nor be ignored.

The first is that last week, a horse in an open field, apparently near where we live,

starved to death and dropped dead right here in Lake County.

There have been in the past, quite regretfully, other similar stories about cows

suffering the same fate in our county.

The denials and disclaimers were quick to come this time, from all sources involved,

but the sad fact is, that if just one person had interceded in time, this horse might well be still alive.

According to the story, one other horse remains on this same undisclosed property

and the county has given these people a short time to "correct the problem."

A witness who was interviewed during the story, said that she doesn't think " it will survive" the allotted time.

So when we drove home from the store yesterday and passed an open field with a very

emaciated horse in it, we did not know if this might be the "other one " on the news.

I called our Lake County Humane Society this morning, but they were closed for the day, my second call

was to Lake County Animal Control, who said that they would send someone out " to take a look."

Lake County Humane Society:  352 589-7400

Lake County Animal Control:  352 343-9088

Lake County Commissioners:  352 343-9850

Next, in my email yesterday, was a Google Wildlife Alert with a story that I was sure had to be a misprint.

Sadly, it turned out, it was not.

If you have an extremely tender heart, please do not read the story:

Lion Tacos

This eating place in Tampa and one other, have crossed a line and the public backlash is,

as it should be, in support of wild animals.

I fully expect and will be disappointed if you do not, respond in an animal avalanche about these two stories.

It has not escaped my memory, that some in this country are now also advocating the consumption of horse meat.

Applications to build Slaughter Houses are beginning to show up, including one in Wounded Knee, South Dakota

and one that thankfully went down to defeat here in Lake County.

The one in New Mexico, is now considered "ground zero" for this issue.

Did I mention how really proud that I am to know each and every one of you?

Now, go get 'em~



May 5, 2013

Happy Hunting, Not!

A Florida Black Bear

A Beautiful Florida Black Bear

I am fully aware that many will disagree with my stance on this, but please hear me out.

Today all of the details were released for the next  Alligator Hunting Season here in Florida.

There seem to be so many "killing seasons" here now, it is hard to keep up.

My greatest fear is that our gorgeous Florida Black Bear may be next, as hunters are already chomping at the bit

to get this passed.

I have recently personally spoken to a "head person" who "assures" me that this will not happen.

Now, ask me if I trust "anyone" about this.

I came here to Florida as you know, after living in Southern California for over 30 years, where sadly,

there are not really too many wild things left.

So, coming here and seeing them everywhere, is just such an overwhelming joy, that I would hate

 to see Florida become practically barren of wildlife, like Southern California has.

I grew up in Indiana and spent many happy summers on my uncles farm in the hills of southern Indiana,

which was for me, a little city girl, a wild paradise to run through all day until I dropped.

I loved it with all of my heart and never wanted to leave.

So, I am truly not just another angry "city person" complaining about hunters and hunting.

This is what bothers me about hunting.

Where we live now, is many miles from the nearest anything, so we must drive a bit,

to get to civilization, as it were.

Now, during any of the many "hunting seasons," we are forced to go past many VERY unpleasant sites.

No, I will not go into any of the grisly details.

The people who live out here on the fringes of civilization are "different" to say the least,

from most other Florida residents.

They seem to be in a world all of their own.

Things happen out here, ugly, terrible things, that are not legal, but no one ever gets caught,

so it continues to happen.

My question is, why do people still need to hunt, maim, kill?

Is it a primordial need?

There are so many animals in Africa who are being slaughtered for their body parts.

I know that I am in a very tiny minority and will take great punishment for this,

 but why do we need to continue to kill animals as if their lives mean nothing?

As a species, after so many millions of years, shouldn't we have by now, evolved

to a place where we at least might show more respect to our fellow animals?

I truly do not believe that humans were put on Mother Earth to do so much harm to wild creatures and feel nothing.



April 30, 2013

Global Guinea Pigs~

A Guinea Pig Stable

A Guinea Pig Stable

If right now,  I asked you what the most important thing is, that you should

 or could do, to protect yourself and those you love, including your pets,

from harm, you would probably come up with some pretty good answers,

but more than likely, you would be well short of coming up with the entire truth.

You see, the truth is, that on a daily basis, we and all living things on this planet, are being exposed

to countless toxins, that are killing us, or at the very least, making us terribly sick, 

including some that we are not even aware exist.

Some time ago, most of you probably heard about a quote that was credited to the Ford Motor Company, 

that someone there was said to have remarked after learning of a number of deaths relating

to defects in their cars, that these deaths were simply, "acceptable losses."

This horrifying comment has reverberated around the world since then

 and has become a somewhat sick joke.

But, here is the real truth, everyday some company produces a product that they know is harming,

 people, plants and/or animals and they keep doing it, because no one has the temerity to stop them.

And, we are paying them to do this, because we are buying these products that are poisoning us.

In this Country, we have Government Organizations with thousands of people working full-time,

 being very well paid to protect all of us from the "bad guys" and/or their "bad" products.

They include, the CDC, the FDA and the EPA, to name just a few, but it would appear,

that none of them seem to be able, or are unwilling, to stop these ruthless companies with a

 singular motive in life, that is,  to make money, and we, their Guinea pigs, can all be damned.

By now, most of the world is aware of the horrors  linked to Monsanto and their many lethal products,

but there are 100 more companies  just like them, with their own personal brand of toxins waiting 

for their turn in line at us, their Global Laboratory animals, or Guinea pigs, to see if we live or die,

 or just become really sick or maybe just deformed, by the latest product that they are promoting.

The story linked below, is the single, most impressive work that I have ever found on this subject.

If you never read anything again in your life, please read this and swear on your ancestors, that you and

yours will no longer be the victims of these companies, living your life in servitude as their Guinea pigs.

We must speak to these people, in the only language that they can understand, money,

 and we must refuse to buy their products.

You Are A Guinea Pig



April 27, 2013

There Just Are No Words

This will be an unusually brief posting today, with no picture, because it would be too disgusting.

While strolling through my Reader this morning, a posting came up that stopped me dead in my tracks.

I could not go any further, until I went and read about it.

As implausible as it may seem, mankind has just slipped another rung farther down the ladder of inhumanity.

I truly believed that as a species, we might be turning the corner on our treatment of animals,

but now after reading this, it seems not.

I am now speechless.

So, here is the story and I now eagerly await responses from of all of you, my brilliant,

outspoken, compassionate followers:

Scientists Modify The Herd



April 23, 2013

Pollinators and Pesticides

It was a bit difficult to choose a topic equally as important as Earth Day for today's conversation.

But think this may do.

Let's talk about bees and the wondrous world of pollinators.

If like me, or maybe not, you were not an expert on their very vital purpose on our planet, here are a few thoughts.

It is quite simple, without pollinators, not much would grow, including a great deal of the world's food supplies.

They simply said are, one of man's, forgive me Breanna, best friends.

Pollinators can be seen on any warm day, flitting from one plant, or flower to another,

taking and leaving what we humans need to survive.

But, consider this, the bees and many pollinators all over the Earth may soon no longer exist, why you ask?

Their imminent demise is being blamed on, what in our time, has become the single

most detrimental toxin that any living thing can be exposed to, pesticides.

And the pesticides that may soon wipe out our pollinating friends, are neonicotinoid pesticides.

Pesticides harm people, plants and animals equally, as they are an equal opportunity killer.

Once their poisons get into our water sources, we are all goners.

Remember Erin Brockovich?

Ask the residents of McFarland, California, in the great San Joaquin Valley,

where the continual use of pesticides on their crops, poisoned the entire areas

water supply and a great many of their children now have leukemia.

There are many groups and individuals working diligently to reverse the damage already done by these toxins.

One of these groups is the Center for Food Safety, who is asking for your commitment

to help stop this disaster in progress, by taking a "pledge to protect the pollinators."

The world of pollinators is made up of not only bees, but many of their friends,

which includes hummingbirds, butterflies and numerous other helpful insects.

It's a gregarious group effort pollinating all of the worlds growing things you see.

Ensuring that pollinators will always be here to work for us, is merely a matter of making better

choices in our gardens and in the food growing industry.

Your local garden shops will know which ones are eco and pollinator friendly, or just plain safe for all of us!

These changes can be done, these changes must be done, if humans wish to continue to have food to eat and exist.

A place to learn more: Pollinators and Pesticides



April 21, 2013

Embracing Mother Earth On Her Day

Earth Day 2013

Today is Earth Day, so how should we thank this weary planet for the life-giving,

air, water and everything else that she provides us with, that most of us take for granted?

This planet has existed for billions of years, but each year it becomes more

and more of a struggle just for her to continue living.

Many of us never give her, or what we do to her, a second thought.

This is a tragic mistake.

One day, unless we change our hearts and minds and begin showing respect and concern for her,

Mother Earth may not take care of us any longer, she may not be able to, she may die.

Every day, we fill her Oceans, Rivers and Lakes with garbage, toxins and poisons of all description.

Every day, we pollute her atmosphere, the very air that we all breathe, with more of the same.

Every day, we dig deep into her soul, stripping all that she has, leaving her scarred and wounded,

with no concern for the effects of it on her at all.

Every day, we cut down her stunning, majestic trees that nearly touch the sky,

for what, more paper to fill up our shredders?

Since we took our first steps on her face, we have taken and taken, rarely giving back

and even less often, cared much about the effects of our impact on her.

So, my question to each of us is, yes, including myself,

what will you/we do today for Mother Earth?

Have you ever noticed, that after facing an extraordinary danger or imminent death, when first

putting their feet back on the planet, many people react by kneeling down and kissing the Earth?

So, on this very special day to Honor her, how should each of us show Mother Earth our gratitude?

As for me, I am going into my garden and pull some weeds, that should make her smile~



What Whales Want

A Right Whale Mother and Calf

A Right Whale Mother And Calf Off The Florida Coast

Whales are just like us, they want a family, a nice place to live and to be free to live there, in peace.

It’s a nice thought but, unfortunately for them, the Oceans are getting smaller

everyday and for the biggest mammal on the planet, are becoming very crowded

and may soon become terribly loud.

Right now, seismic blasting is being considered as a potential drilling option in the Atlantic Ocean,

in the exact corridor where the single most Endangered Whale on our planet lives

and breeds, the Atlantic Right Whale.

The impact of this blasting will be disastrous for them for several reasons, they may be

harmed directly by the blasting and they will no longer feel safe to breed in the area.

Last year, the birthing numbers for this critically endangered whale was down dramatically,

because of food shortagesup North, can you imagine what it will be like, for these extremely

noise sensitive whales, if they are exposed regularly to constant blasting?

It will simply be unbearable.

And, the Whales are not the only ones who will be greatly harmed by this proposed blasting, so will Dolphins.

We do not need to drill or dig, for more oil, gas, coal or other fossil fuels in this Country,

what we need are more renewable energy sources.

Which, if it were more profitable for those who deal in fossil fuels, would already have replaced them here.

Other countries all over the world, have long ago embraced renewable energy sources,

but America seems to be either unable or unwilling to make the progress absolutely necessary

to protect and preserve both the environment and animals of this planet, including the human ones.



Silver Springs

Silver Springs Florida in 1886

Silver Springs Florida in 1886

This is the story of a magical place in Florida that has lost its way.

Once upon a time long, long ago, there was a destination here so revered,

you were often, scarcely able to get in.

Tourists loved it, movie makers loved it, the whole world wanted to come see it.

Just hearing its name, Silver Springs, brought a smile to many people’s faces.

In fact, when I was in high school, I met a young man one summer at a local lake in northern Indiana,

who also happened to be there on vacation.

It turned out that he was one of their very talented skiing performers,

and that summer, he taught me to water ski.

But, that was so long ago.

Today, Silver Springs is badly run down and nearly unrecognizable,

by those whose memories burn bright of more exciting times

and the never to be forgotten glass bottom boat rides.

For years now the springs has been run and managed? by a California company,

guess they didn’t think we could do it right?

But soon that will change and the state of Florida will take over the job, hopefully this will help.

Recently a Canadian Billionaire cattle rancher has shown great interest in setting up shop

just a few miles away and the negative impact from this would be two fold, tremendous water loss

and harmful pollutants being introduced into the springs.

Neither would be good.

Water is a very precious commodity in Florida, because the whole state is a

giant aquifer or sponge, everything that happens up above, travels down

and affects the aquifer and all the living things here.

The many years of water abuse, in combination with this years severe drought,

have resulted in an increase in the dreaded and dangerous sink holes which recently sadly, took a life.

We already have way too many places draining our aquifer dry, like the bottling companies, golf courses

and huge farming industries, so this massive cattle ranch would be the final nail in the coffin for the springs.

Previous politicians have tried to protect the springs, and it helped somewhat,

but current Governor Scott, has cut all of its lifelines, so it will now be up to the state

to do the right thing, for one of Florida oldest and most treasured pieces of history.



April 14, 2013



Harriet, our Gopher Tortoise

Yesterday afternoon, just as I was turning off my computer, our wayward wanderer

finally graced us with her presence, after many months of complete absence.

Harriet is our resident Gopher Tortoise and she has become a sweet part of our family here

in the Ocala Forest in Florida.

It seems that she comes out, just as the “snow birds” are all leaving and yesterday

also happened to be our warmest day of the year so far, at just over 90 degrees.

We have learned so much about her particular species in the years we have spent with her.

She has had some very close calls and we have had to fight hard just to save her from

a tragic ending on these occasions.

The world around her is not nearly as concerned for her safety as we are

and we feel quite obligated to protect her from it.

Gopher Tortoises are an Endangered Species in Florida and it is against the law to harm them in any way,

even picking them up and moving them is against the law.

But all of this is forgotten, when each spring, she pops back up out of her tunnel, ready to eat

and greet us and the warm season ahead.

We have made sure that she has only what is good for her here, with everything left pretty much “natural”

and no pesticides, no toxins or chemicals used in the front part of our property where her main tunnel is.

I say main, because she has a second one in the back where she goes occasionally,

 for reasons we have not yet determined.

Now we look forward to watching her the rest of the year, coming out to eat every day,

moving slowly and carefully around, picking out just the special “weeds” that are her favorites.

Our entire property is fenced in, but the front part is just for her and our Airedale Breanna

and we are careful for both of their sakes, that it is safe from anything that could harm either of them.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to share our lives with them.



Nuisance People

A Florida Alligator

Our Florida Alligator

For those of you kind enough to come here, I thank you with all my heart.

Today is my “one month” anniversary on WordPress and your support has overwhelmed me.

If you are curious, and why wouldn’t you be, about where the title of this Blog came from, it is this.

Many years ago on our first trip to Florida, we went to the Everglades.

My parents were living in Miami Beach at the time and we thought it would be a fun day trip.

It was the middle of August and in South Florida, August is not when you want to be in the Everglades.

The mosquitoes are like a black blanket that covers everything there.

For two people from Los Angeles, where there are few and I do mean few bugs,

it was pretty terrifying.

We spent an entire day there and what we saw, was never to be forgotten

and started my love affair with this breathtaking place called Florida.

Now for how this Blog got its name.

On that day, just as we were driving in and being very stupid tourists, we pulled

over at the sight of our first Alligator resting peacefully on the side of the road.

Now being the idiot that I was, I got out of the car and walked toward this creature

I knew nothing about, both hands stretched out like I was going to pet it.

I have a picture of the moment, which has lost itself somewhere in this house,

one day to be found again, I hope.

The Alligator was not full-grown, maybe only four feet long, but it could have done some damage,

if it has chosen to.

Instead it simply laid there, I am sure thinking, ” this has got to be a joke, stupid tourist. “

Because it did nothing, I turned and walked back to the car and we drove on.

Only after moving down here nearly ten tears ago, did I realize how very lucky I had been that day.

So, when we became permanent Florida residents, I started a web site and called it

 “Walking with the Alligators” out of my gratitude for what might have been that day

and deep respect for what I consider one of this state’s greatest treasures, the Alligator.

So, as you can imagine, when they announced on the News here last night that they were looking

 for Alligator Trappers in Lake County, to “Dispose of Nuisance Alligators,” I was pretty steamed.

People come here, to this last Garden of Eden in the United States, with its splendiferous array

of wildlife and then when our animals do what they normally do in the wild, these idiots go nuts,

calling Fish and Wildlife whining, ” Come get these things out of my yard. “

“Well, duh, you are in their yard, you morons, so why don’t you get out. “

I have zero patience for city people who want to come here, to my newly adopted home

and change it,or kill all that makes it the National Treasure that it is.

Florida is truly a spectacular collection of wild life and wild places

and it deserves to be respected for just that.

And if this is a problem for you, please go back where you came from.



April 7, 2013

The Visitors

A Florida Black Bear

A Beautiful Florida Black Bear
Picture credit: Dr. William Weber

For many years people have asked me about my complete dedication and passion for animals.

An answer: just now Breanna did her " OMG bark. " This is the one reserved for very special occasions.

I went to her window to look for the cause, but saw nothing at first,

then as I turned back around to look in the other direction, there they were.

The momma and her two babies running at a full gallop in the open field across from our house.

This sight, this experience, is something that should never be taken for granted.

These beautiful black bears and all of the other wildlife living in this Forest, are why this place is everything to us.

We share our lives with creatures that give us so much more, than we could ever give them in return.

For this we are grateful.



Who Let The Dogs Out

A USFWS Detector Dog

Wildlife Inspector Amir Lawal of the Service’s
Miami Law Enforcement Office and Viper
Picture Credit:  Tom MacKenzie / USFWS


Many thanks to Russell McLendon of Mother Nature Network for sharing this great story and vital information.

Many thanks also to Tom MacKenzie of the USFWS, for granting permission to use this picture,

his hard work on this awesome project and all of his super pictures for it.


Poaching may not be a big problem in a lot of places, but Florida is not one of those places.

It seems like too many of our wild animals, as well as some highly prized orchids in this state,

like the Ghost Orchid, have at one time or another, fallen victim to these fiends,

who believe it is their right to steal things and then sell them to the highest bidder.

Recently many of our beloved wild turtles have been stolen by the hundreds of thousands,

and sold to Asian countries where they are used for food, medicine and other.

It would seem that these countries have long ago eradicated their turtle populations.

Trappers or poachers, come to Florida and go into our swamps and marshes or where ever

they can find them and just load up and ship out our wild turtles in such numbers,

that many of them may soon be put on Endangered lists, when they never were in the past.

Enter my personal heroes, the Sniffer Dogs!

Now, these are not just any dogs, they are very well-trained, professional sniffers and

they are doing what few humans can, tracking down or sniffing out, stolen wildlife.

These awesome dogs and their handlers, USFW agents, will soon be stationed at ports

around the country and hopefully will help stop the tidal wave of thefts of

our beloved Florida wild things to these scum bag poachers.

The Press Release: Detector Dogs Sniff Out Smuggled Wildlife

U.S. Trains Dogs To Sniff Out Wildlife

A Picture Page About The Dogs



March 31, 2013

No Place to Call Home

The Florida Panther
The beautiful Florida Panther

It was fun to watch a young exciting team from south Florida reach the heights

that they did this week, as they became the darlings of the press and were written

about and talked about all over the country, but there is one thing you may never

hear about this school and that is the land where it was built.

You see, the land under this fairly new school, was supposed to be a Panther Refuge.

Land set aside for the Panther, has been a political Florida football for years,

with few agreeing on just how much land or Habitat, they need to survive,

but one thing is obvious, at the rate they are losing their places to just exist,

the Panther will not survive.

Historically, few politicians and even fewer lobbyists here have considered saving

wildlife an important enough reason to reject development, or construction,

when there are such big donations attached to them for those who make it happen.

In this case, as in many others, money won and a critically Endangered animal lost.

The Florida Panther is undoubtedly, the most Endangered animal in the entire US,

with fewer than 100 of them remaining and it is simply tragic that this school

and its supporters could not find anywhere else to build it.

Panthers can neither vote, nor write checks, in fact they really hold little value at all,

except to the wildlife watchers and protectors who as usual, have little control over

the ugly things that are done to those ” with no voice. “

Connie Mack may have had his Karma served up by the voters in the last election,

but the Panther is the biggest loser in this never-ending game of Florida Monopoly.

The ongoing sad saga for the most beleaguered mammal in America is here:

Dunk City’s Dark Side



When Will We Find Courage?

Florida's Everglades National Park

The River of Grass, the Florida Everglades
Photo credit: USGS/SOFIA

If you have spent anytime near a river, you could have watched the slow degradation in person.

No degree in science is necessary, to understand the impact that chemicals, namely fertilizers

and pesticides, have had on everything that they touch.

The worst offenders are phosphorus and nitrogen, with of course some mercury 

and bacteria thrown in to complete the tainted brew.  

Remember Erin Brockovich?

It’s all about the water.

Most living things are completely interdependent on their environment, beginning with the water.

When we choose to look the other way, or do not stop those who poison and pollute our water,

because we don’t want to get involved, we are telling them, either we don’t care, or we have no courage.

Either way, the polluters will continue unabated and the waters will eventually become

an engorged toxic soup that can no longer sustain life.

EPA Declares Over  Half Of US Rivers Unfit



Can You Hear them Now?

Right Whale Mother and Calf

A Right Whale Mother and Calf in the Atlantic

As a matter of fact, yes, Mammals in all of the Earth’s bodies of water can hear us now

 and what they are hearing from military sonar testing and oil seismic testing,

 is affecting them all nearly the same way that loud concerts do our children.

It is giving them all permanent hearing loss.

These endless loud noises interfere with their food searches, as well as with their

mating, birthing and just plain living activities.

Sea animals react to these noises in different ways, some try to get away from it by 

beaching themselves, others become disoriented and end up in wrong places, alone.

Regardless of their reactions, these Ocean  noises  are doing irreparable harm to all of

our sea mammals and it must end where they live, most especially in their

travel pathways as they migrate.

Ocean Noise



March 24, 2013

Can This Kite Make A Comeback?

A Florida Snail Kite

The Everglades Snail Kite

I haven’t written about our Everglades Snail Kite for a fairly long time,

because so much of the news about them hasn’t been very encouraging.

These critically Endangered Kites were pushed out of the Everglades, their ancestral home,

by the usual human suspects, fertilizer run off from US Sugar and other farmers in the area,

who have been assaulting the Everglades for many years.

US Sugar recently had their contract renewed and has pretty much been

given free reign to continue polluting, mostly unabated.

There were some minor checks written into the new contract about run off,

but it will be difficult at best, to stop their rein of terror on one of the most

beautiful places in the entire state.

Another factor in the dramatic drop in Kite numbers, has been the droughts

for the past few years, which have only exacerbated the plight of the Kite.

Extremely low water levels in many of Florida lakes, has nearly eliminated the apple snail,

which has have forced the Kites to abandon their nests and the young in them.

After leaving their ancestral homes in the Everglades, the Snail Kite moved farther

north to Lake Toho to begin again, but sadly, now, they will most likely have to move once again,

this time because their one and only food source, the apple snail who like the Kite,

also eats only a single food source, Hydrilla.

Recreational Boaters and fishermen who have complained for years about the

Hydrilla weeds in Lake Toho clogging up their boats motors,

have finally have convinced the right people that it must be removed,

which will of course, mean the end of the snail and the kite there.

So, where will the Snail Kite go next?

It would be best for them, if they could return to their ancestral home in the Everglades

and an Audubon restoration plan is in the works that may help that happen.

The Snail Kite could sure use a few breaks if they are to survive

and we all desperately need rain in this drought ravaged state right now

because water levels everywhere are at the lowest levels in many years.

Thankfully, the wet season is about to begin and we will see how this year goes for all of us.

Everglades Snail Kite

Snail Kite: Species Profile



March 23, 2013

It's Turtle Time In Florida

A Loggerhead Hatchling 

A Loggerhead Hatchling
Photo credit: NPS

Florida is home to many species of Wildlife, some are plentiful, some are Endangered.

Of the species that are Endangered, there are several varieties of Sea Turtles on the list.

Our resident Sea Turtles include the Green, Leatherback and Loggerheads and for those of us

who love them, this is a time to revel in, from now until October 31, it is all about turtles in Florida.

This is the beginning of the ”lights out” time, for those lucky souls who live on the beaches

of Florida Turtle nesting areas.

These observances are absolutely mandatory for the protection of the “little joys” to come.

Last year was a record-setting nesting season for the Loggerheads and we are all hoping for a repeat this year.

Lights Out: Sea Turtle Nesting Begins

Sea Turtle Nesting Season begins in Florida



March 22, 2013

Today Is World Water Day

Alexander Springs, near my home in the Ocala Forest.
Alexander Springs

After the air that we breathe, the next most vital component to all life on Earth, is water.

And today is World Water Day.

There is much to know, here are just two of the many places where you can learn more about water:

World Water Day: 10 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Water

Its World Water Day



March 21, 2013

It's About Changing The Way We Live
A Florida Manatee

Photo credit: USGS

Last week, we heard the news about how Red Tide is killing our Manatees,

the story about this was posted earlier and now last night on our local news,

we were sickened to hear of even more mass deaths on Florida's Atlantic Coast in the Indian River Lagoon.

It seems that the high numbers of deaths here, are being blamed on what farm fertilizer run off

is doing to the feeding areas of our beloved mammal.

This is not the first time that this subject has been made public, for years Alligators in Lake Apopka

have been dealing the with the same situation which resulted in sexual "anomalies."

The farm culprit in South Florida is US Sugar and for the exact same reason, fertilizer run off.

The only problem is that in Southern Florida, when the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee

are poisoned by fertilizers, it is more than just animals that are sickened, it is also millions of people.

Okeechobee is one of their main water sources and they don't have an alternative water supply to choose from.

So, you ask what is the solution?

It is really very, very simple.

First, please understand that Florida's aquifer system is like a giant sieve,

everything on the top seeps through to our underground water supplies,

the good, the bad and the ugly, all of it.

So, we must all, yes all, stop buying and using products for our homes, public places

and farming that have toxic chemicals like phosphorus in them.

There are alternative products that do not, and if we don't switch now to these safer products,

Florida will not be the only place where you can't drink the water.

This is happening all over the Country, even the world, our water is being poisoned by chemicals,

pollutants and toxins by those who refuse to change because they don't have to,

people have been quite well paid off to allow them to continue this practice

and they have already put the money in the bank.

In the end, however we will all run out of pure clean water to drink because you can't drink money.



March 20, 2013

Earth Hour
Saturday March 23, 2013
at 8:30 PM, your time~
Earth Hour

In just a few days, a special way to give back to the planet that has supported

all life for over four Billion years, will take place hopefully, everywhere.

Earth Hour was first observed 7 years ago and was created by a dedicated group

who are very concerned with the health of our planet and believe that if we all share

a common goal, a common hope, that we really can change the way things are being done.

The overconsumption of anything special this Saturday night, perhaps in Honor of our Mother Earth,

you will choose to turn off your lights for just one, wee little hour and pause to think

about what you are doing, or could do, to reduce your “footprint” here.

You won’t believe how good it will make you feel, because when you care for things

other than yourself, it gives you such a sense of peace~

Earth Hour



March 17, 2013

Wildlife and Wildplaces Have New Champions

Elephants in Kenya

A new program at the World Wildlife Organization is bringing together Spiritual Leaders from

all over the world who are in agreement about the need to protect our wildplaces and wildlife.

This unexpected partnership could have a tremendous impact for one very good reason, who would

be dumb enough to go against their spiritual leaders to poach animals or trample sacred places?

Sacred Earth: Faiths for Conservation

The group has already had a positive impact in Thailand,

where Elephants being slaughtered for their ivory was rampant.

Recent activity on this issue in the Social Media has produced over 1.5 million opposing voices

from countries all over the world who helped sway the opinions of the Leaders in Thailand.

Facebook, Online petitions, Twitter and the like, are working wonders putting the messages

out to a Global Audience who have overwhelmingly responded.

Please, don't ever believe that your voice, your actions, don't matter, it has just been proven,

that they most certainly do, and we all need to keep doing it.



March 10, 2013

Red Tide Is Not A New Laundry Detergent
Manatee Mother and Calf

Photo credit: USGS

Red Tide or Algae Bloom is now out of control on Florida's Gulf Coast in the Tampa Bay area.

This may, according to Florida Wildlife officials, be the worst year ever for Manatees.

Previously the highest number of deaths was at 151 in 1996 and

the experts are projecting that it will be even worse this year.

We are at 149 right now.

It seems that Manatees just can't get a break, either they are hit and maimed

or killed outright by boats, or they die from extremely cold winters.

Now the threat for Red Tide threatens to be the worst enemy, other than Humans,

that the Manatee have ever encountered.

Red Tide Killing Manatees In Record Numbers

Red Tide Bloom Taking Record Toll

Record Number Of Manatee Deaths



March 3, 2013

The Ghost Net And Other Assorted Trash
Marine Debris
Marine Debris
Photo credit:  NOAA CCFHR

A thousand pound fishing net has recently been found on one of our Florida reefs

and it is killing our sea life and wreaking havoc on the reefs.

The Ghost Net

Is this the first time that this has happened, of course not, nor will it be the last,

the point is how do we stop this.

arded fishing netgear,

now in addition to these, we are finding that the same things are happening to sea life

with a myriad of plastics that have been thrown into the oceans all over the world.

Their tragic story is here:   Victims Of Pacific Trash

What bothers me the most, is the callous disregard for animals lives that some humans display.

Walk across the parking lot of your local Wal Mart, you'll get the picture.

Take a stroll along the shore of any beach, it's the same.

Local parks, school yards, more of the same, litter, trash, garbage, it's everywhere.

The thing is this, we have become a race of careless, thoughtless dumpers.

Whenever we are through with something, we just toss it, wherever.

And its not just our trash, but also pets that people have tired of caring for and just thrown away.

The entire state of Florida is now reeling from the soaring numbers of these discarded pets.

It is alarming for those who care for both our wildlife and the environment,

and are sickened by the garbage found all around us on a daily basis.

This trash and garbage that so many toss so casually, is costing all of us, including our wildlife

and we all need to start thinking before tossing.

What is that saying, " If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. "



February 24, 2013

Let's All Go Native~

Florida's Natural Beauty
The Everglades, an exquisite Florida Natural Area

The 19th Annual Public Interest Environmental Conference

is this weekend at the University of Florida and their guest speaker is suggesting

that there are things we can all do right now, to help protect the Endangered Wildlife

and the fragile Ecosystems of Florida from rising sea levels and erosion.

Whitney Gray is from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and

what she wants us all to do, is really a total recall of the 70's movement of going Native.

Gray wants us all to reuse and recycle till it hurts and she also want us to let

nature take it's course in our yards, or just go native!

All of the great ideas that Ms. Gray is offering this weekend in Gainesville,

are things that we have already been doing forever, except for the yard part,

which we began doing when we moved to Florida years ago,

for the benefit of Harriet, our resident Gopher Tortoise.

Harriet, who is quite picky about her diet, scours all over our property,

hunting carefully for her favorite "wild things" to eat.

So, what she finds to eat here, is not only what she likes, it is exactly what she needs.

We use no poisons on our property because of her and our Airedale Breanna.

Wish I had read this story sooner, would have loved to have heard her in person.

How Endangered Species Adapt



February 17, 2013

This Invasion is Not Coming From Outer Space
A Nile Croc near Miami   Cane Toad   Green Iguana   Python and Alligator in the Everglades   Feral Pigs

When the rest of the country thinks of an Invasive Species in Florida, they are

probably only familiar with the now infamous Burmese Pythons in the Everglades.

But in fact, there are many threats to our fragile wildlife and ecosystems here.

Right now, other than the very scary, to me, snakes, which are here by the thousands,

there are a number of other creatures wreaking havoc on, not only our wildlife,

but on our all ready maxed out to the limit economy, as well.

You see trying to keep up with these non stop invaders, is a $130 Billion,

that is billion with a B, effort in this state.

The last time that we went down to the Keys, we were sitting in a gas station in Miami

when a very large creature appeared right in front of our car,

it was an exotic alright, it was a huge, wild, green iguana.

It would not be the only one we saw on our way back to the Freeway.

No, they are not native here and much of Miami now looks like a zoo

because of the out of control numbers of them running the streets,

more than likely the result of countless owners who tired of feeding them

and just threw them out for the community to deal with.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly how most of these invaders became the

huge problem in Florida that they are now.

Selfish, bored, stupid owners who just threw them away.

The exotic species now running amuck in South Florida include: wild Toads,

no not the Disney ride, wild rats, wild birds, wild fish, wild or feral pigs,

multiple kinds of lizards and a scary species of Crocodile, called the Nile Croc,

which in its Native Africa, is a man-eater.

And none of this even begins to cover all of the invasive plants that are now here,

doing exactly the same kind of lethal damage to their Native counterparts as well.

It is all simply mind boggling.

And we Floridians have to pay for and deal with all of this because no one has the guts

to stop the sale of these exotics once and for all in Florida and indeed the whole Country.

The root for the gluttony of invasive animals, is of course, money.

There is very big money to be made in the business of catching, stealing

and selling multiple species of exotics here.

But, the worse part of all of this is, that they are not just a financial problem,

they are devouring and driving off or displacing our beautiful Native Florida wildlife,

 in sickening record numbers in the entire state.

An excellent story with all of the gory details about the exotics invasion of Florida:

Invasive Species Threatening Florida



February 10, 2013

Is America Still The Land Of The Free?
Florida's Everglades National Park

Well finally, someone in this state woke up and said, whoa we have to stop this, now.

Some believe that Scott has run Florida like a Gestapo state, since taking over in 2010.

His attitude in most everything to date, has pretty much been, I am the Governor

of this state and I will do exactly as I please, period.

He did after all, spend $70 million of his own money to become the Governor of Florida

and believes, I am sure, that this bought him the right to run this state however he sees fit.

Scott's intentions in this matter are "Crystal" clear, those growers who have in the past

flooded with no fear of any reprisals, unlimited amounts of toxins into the Everglades,

and will be allowed, if he gets his way, to renew 30 year no-bid leases,

without the public even having a say in it.

Is America still a Democracy?

What these farmers, these powerful growers of sugar and vegetables, do to the land with their poisons,

their chemicals, is lethal to both the Everglades and all of the living things that call it home.

Below are two versions of the same story, please read one or both of them and if you

care about the Everglades, or if you live near them, your drinking water,

please get on your computer, or your phone and tell this man that you

will not stand for this kind of dictatorship Government in Florida.

We demand to have a voice in what is being done to our Environment,

our wildlife and our wild places here.

The last time I checked, Florida was still part of a Democracy,

we have not become a Communist Country yet, have we?

Wildlife Federation Sues Rick Scott

Wildlife Group Challenges No-Bid Leases



February 4, 2013

Meet Nancy And Rick
Cleaning up the River

Rewards do indeed come for those who are patient.

Yesterday, there was nothing of any critical nature to post,

so I relaxed and enjoyed the Super Bowl.

But overnight, something did come to me that must be shared.

 There are two people in Mississippi, who are doing what we all should be doing,

seeing trash and garbage in Nature and choosing not to ignore it.

For the past six months or so, this couple has been picking up the garbage left behind in their

beloved Bayous, by ignorant, thoughtless jerks who care for nothing, but themselves.

The story about their awesome deeds made the local area news and as they have

 recently become my friends on Facebook, I would like to introduce them to you.

So, here is the inspiring story of these two selfless people who think more of

Wild Places and Wildlife, than themselves, what a unique concept~

Couple Cleaning Out The Bayous



February 3, 2013

Are There No Pressing Issues On This Day?

Florida's Natural Beauty

Have not received anything recently, so happily will claim on this most rare of days,

that things are possibly not so bad for our Florida Endangered Wildlife.

Will post if anything does come up in the next few days.

Until then, enjoy the Super Bowl~



January 27, 2013

It Works For People, Why Not For Panthers?
A Florida Panther

There are at least 20 places in Thailand right now, that are storing sperm and cells for many

Critically Endangered animals, so why can't we do this in Florida for the Panther,

who is on the absolute brink of extinction?

The Thai Government is working in tandem with Zoos and Wildlife Conservation Institutions.

Well, we have these in this country, so why aren't we doing the same thing here?

If it works for the Panthers, we could then move on to other mammals, like the Right Whale, etc.

We have to do something, because so far, nothing else has worked for either of them.

Human interference is keeping both of them from making any kind of recovery.

Scientists are supposed to be the ones who "think outside of the box."

Ok, so it's time to start a new plan.

Wildlife Sperm Banks Established



January 20, 2013

Who Will Cry For The Animals?

Today is a very sad day for my family, as one its most admired members has passed.

Over the past three days, there have been so many prayers, kind words

and loving thoughts posted on each of our Facebook pages, which is

of course, to be expected at this time of sorrow and remembrance.

But last night, knowing that today at the church most of this part of my family attends,

there will be much said and done to show affection and respect for this person, that

instead of sleeping, I was thinking about all of the animals who die every day

and wondered if anyone will cry or pray for them.

Sadly, many animals die at the hands of humans for their body parts;

their tusks, fur, skins, antlers, horns, and appendages,

others die merely for sport and saddest of all,  some die just for spite.

Does anyone cry for any of them?

Do you? If not, why not?

Are not their lives just as important as a humans?

My hope in writing about what must seem ghastly, or even repugnant to some,

or perhaps all, is that maybe you might have never thought about this before.

So, if you have not, maybe today, you will think about an animal that you know

has died and feel sad, or maybe even shed a tear for it.

And I am not talking about our pets when I say this, I am talking about animals that

you know nothing about, you know, the one with no names or families to love them.

Maybe today will be the day you choose to help stop the needless deaths

of so many animals on this planet, who have no voice.

Will this be the day that you choose to become a voice for the voiceless

and just maybe, perhaps cry for them when they die?



January 13, 2013

So Much To Choose From In Florida

A Florida Panther  Whooping Cranes in flight  Right Whale Mother and Calf  Florida Loggerhead Turtle  Manatees headed for a disaster

If like me, you love the environment and all of the wild things in it

and wish to help them all to live to be very old,

Florida is your kind of place.

In this one state, there are so many causes to join, animals to defend, places to protect,

or speak out about, that it can all be just a bit overwhelming.

So, after living here for the past 8 or so years, I have gathered some information about

the most needy things here and the groups dedicated to saving and or protecting them.

This is an abbreviated list of what Florida has, to help get you involved

and on the road to making a difference:

The Florida Everglades

The Florida Panther

Whooping Cranes

Right Whales

Sea Turtles


and lastly, more Birds than you can count on your fingers and toes~

So, to begin your quest in helping to save any and every wonderful thing in Florida,

here are just a few of the many places you might begin:

Florida Audubon

The Everglades

Florida Panthers

Whooping Cranes

Right Whales

Sea Turtles




January 6, 2013

26 Acts
1-2 hour old Key Deer Fawn, picture credit: 
          CWRL-SIUC/Key Deer Protective Alliance

A Key Deer Fawn

As the year end post was so very sad, I choose to begin 2013 with more hopeful thinking.

Lately, the world all around us has become so violent and ugly that sometimes I just want to crawl

back into bed and pull the covers over my head, but that would serve no purpose really.

So, in light of the recent sad news everywhere, I wish to believe that 2013 will be, must be,

a better year not only for all of the fragile, delicate things that I love,

but for the entire Human Race as well.

If each of us does what was suggested by someone right after Newtown,

that we all might voluntarily commit 26 random acts of kindness,

couldn't that also include our out there on the edge, hanging on by just a thread,

endangered plants and wildlife on the planet too?

So, nice to meet you New Year 2013 and I would like to let you know,

that I have already begun those 26 random acts of kindness this week

and intend to continue doing them all year long, wherever I just happen to be.

It can't hurt and it just makes you feel so good~


Walking with the Alligators

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amberziek6 at centurylink.net



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