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The Florida Panther
Felis concolor coryi
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Updates and news that affect Florida's Endangered Wildlife.

Due to the ongoing outrageous Global Wildlife atrocities, this Blog

will now expand to include postings about other wildlife.

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End Year 2011

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December 27, 2011

Johnny Sees the World

What a great story to end the year with.......

A young Endangered Kemps' Ridley Turtle may need a passport soon after

years of touring the world in search of medical treatment.

This little world traveler was given a name along the way by one of his many new admirers

and has become pretty well known in Reptile Rehab Circles.

Several International groups worked really hard to make all of this happen for "Johnny"

who became a pet project and now heads to Florida on the final leg of his

long journey of healing to the MOTE Marine Laboratory in Sarasota.

If you would like to watch Johnny's new adventures after his release,

just click on his name and agree to be good~

See Johnny

Turtle Stranded in 2008 to be Released by MOTE



December 24, 2011

Christmas Thinking

Today, while listening to the sweet Christmas music on my radio and

finishing the last bits of food for tonight, my mind contemplated the year just passed.

There has been some progress made this year for Endangered Wildlife in Florida,

but, not all of the news was good.

In spite of the many, many letters written to those with all of the control over the wild things

that I care so much for here, I see that the world is still the same today,

nothing has really changed for the better or shockingly, the worse.

What I will take away from this lesson in life is that, I cannot, by myself,

change the things that affect the Endangered Wildlife in Florida.

I am only one person with a big mouth and a computer.

But, I can be a part of a considerably vocal group of Floridians who simply have one wish

and that is to see that our Endangered Wildlife are given the chance to survive,

without negative, human impact or interference.

Maybe next year we will come a little closer to that objective.

Here's looking forward to a wonderful 2012.

Merry Everything to Everyone and

of course, Peace on Earth.



December 21, 2011

Poaching Coral From the Florida Keys
Coral Reef  - Florida Keys

If you have ever been down to our Florida Keys, then you already

know what a pristine beauty the entire area is.

One of the most Endangered parts of the Keys is the Coral Reef,

and it is the only one in the United States.

The people involved in this crime knew exactly what they were doing,

as well as the precarious state of the Ecosystem that the stolen property inhabits.

If these thieves are not dealt with severely, others in this illicit trade will not be deterred,

quite the opposite, they will take any light sentence as a green light to continue stealing.

As the story points out, most of the stolen coral dies in shipping, just as with the Ghost Orchid.

Neither of these Endangered species do well away from their natural habitats.

So, in the end, it is all for nothing, with fewer and fewer of these living treasures

remaining on our planet for future generations to enjoy.

Coral Dealers Caught In Federal Sting


December 18, 2011

What Not Making the Right List Means for Animals at the End of the Log

When two of the most respected scientific sources not only agree,

but also offer pretty much the same solution to a problem,

those who care for wildlife must pay attention.

This week, both the Scientific American and the Center for Biological Diversity have come

to a consensus about the ESA List and the animals not on it.

They both believe that the animals who do not make the ESA List,

but remain only on the IUCN Red List, are at peril.

The fact is that those on the ESA List, get both the money and the muscle needed

to protect them, those on only the IUCN List do not.

While these animals wait to be upgraded to a place where they may find some safety and

have a chance to make it, many may die or become extinct languishing on the wrong List.

Once again, the United States lags behind the rest of the world in its attitude towards

threatened animal species and remains buried in paperwork.

Lives are at stake and we must end this bureaucratic bungling.

Could it be that the reason behind all of this delay is once again, money?

Moving animals onto the ESA List, means that more money will need to be allotted

to these new members and a lot of money will need to be spent

by a country already in an economic freefall.

New Study: 75% of U.S. Animals Lack Protection

US Exempts Species


December 14, 2011

My Beautiful Longleaf Pines

Life here in Florida can often be a somewhat mixed blessing.

While we do have spectacular wildlife to be seen at nearly every turn,

the scary part is that their habitats and their lives are being annihilated

just as quickly as humans and machines can do so.

Point in case, the ancient, critically endangered longleaf pines.

A hundred years ago, these trees were a canopy so deep that they covered

nearly all of the lands of the American Southeast.

Today, they have just a last few bastions of hope here in Central Florida.

Each time that we pass a logging truck near our home in the Ocala Forest, 

usually with a Georgia license plate, loaded down with pine trees on their way

to becoming chemically mixed pellets for heating, fireplaces and such,

I wonder if the drivers knew which trees were the ones that were not supposed to be cut.

These priceless pine trees were also once the only home of some very endangered birds,

like the red cockaded woodpecker, the ivory billed woodpecker and others,

who chose this particular tree for the specific needs it provided for them.

 And, with each tree that falls, goes another creature who will eventually become homeless.

It is not like there are no other trees to cut down because there are so many.

These once proud sentinels of our past, must be allowed to survive,

 because when they are all gone, like the Ghost Bird, or

Ivory Billed Woodpecker, will it matter that we could have

and should have made other, smarter choices?

We cannot continue in this blind, mindless rampage on our environment.

In the end we will all lose.

Fish and Wildlife Foundation Aims To Save Longleaf Pines

Pine Tree Pellets

Wood to Energy: Use of the Forest Biomass for Wood Pellets



December 11, 2011

The Title Should Read Nuisance Homeowners!
A Florida Black Bear

Just reading the title of this story in the Orlando Sentinel gives me chills.

This type of thinking is why Black Bears in Florida end up being killed by State Officials.

The problem is that some really stupid homeowners do all of the wrong things and

then cry to authorities to come save them from the terrible beasts in their yards.

If these stupid people would stop leaving these food sources out in their back yards,

the Bears would stop coming.

People have been reported to having left whole animal carcasses

and all kinds of pet/animal foods out at night which is a

great, convenient, source of food for a hungry Bear.

Bears also really love bird seed, so will knock down any type of feeder to get at it.

Bears will always follow the food!

Please, keep it locked up or inside at night and save the life of a Bear!

*FYI, the final Black Bear Public Workshop Management, or discussion meeting is

December 13th at 6 PM at the City Hall, 200 East University Ave. in Gainesville.

If you live in the area, perhaps you may wish to drop by and see just what is being planned

for the future of Florida's only Bear, our beautiful Black Bear.

Nuisance Black Bears



December 8, 2011

Does Living in the Waters of a Nuclear Plant Come With Risk?

It must be brought up again, as when the Manatees at Crystal River, were doing the same,

is the water flowing out of this or any Nuclear Power Plant safe?

I have frequently been concerned that Manatees were being put at a risk, which could result in

even minute genetic/DNA alterations, or other detrimental affects from the water at Crystal River,

and was assured by a Florida Biologist, that the water was perfectly safe for them.

But, I had my doubts.

Now that Crocodiles are mimicking the Manatees at Turkey Point in South Florida,

I once again would like to have any Biologist in this state assure the public

that there is absolutely no radiation in the waters that these

Threatened and/or Endangered Mammals are residing in.

Still, I still have my doubts.

Biologists Monitor Crocodiles at Nuclear Plant



December 5, 2011

For the Florida Panther, Sometimes Humans Can Do Good Deeds

The Florida Panther is the single most Endangered Animal in the US, maybe even

in the World and it is finally getting the break it needs in Southwest Florida to stay alive.

Car collisions have always been the number one killer of the Panther and this new Wildlife Crossing,

paid for by City Gate, in their habitat in Collier County, is their single best hope for survival.

The Crossing was finished in May of this year and has already been shown to be a success,

and now in the final step of this plan to save our Panthers, Collier County

has agreed to take over its upkeep.

It all looks good for the Florida Panther and other wildlife in the area, who now have a safer

alternative to crossing the road, than meeting a speeding car in the middle of the road in the dark.

Collier Officials Take Over Upkeep of Wildlife Crossing



December 2, 2011

Is Wal-Mart Chairman Really the Worst of the 1%?

I do not know, but after reading the first article today, it gave me pause.

I have been leery of the products and policies of this company,

pretty much since it's inception in Arkansas in the 1960's.

We had relatives there and went back for Easter break nearly every year.

Often, during this mini-vacation, we would drive over to see this new kind of

shopping place like it was a tourist attraction.

Our first trip to Wal-Mart was in the early 1970's, at a store near their home offices in Bentonville.

I remembered thinking at the time, that it seemed like a kind of wannabe version of a Woolworth's Store.

Back then, no one really knew, understood or cared about the way that Wal-Mart did business.

There was no China connection to retailers here then, so no reason to question their sources.

Today this company is pretty much the Retail ruler of the world.

Which is why I bring all of this up.

It is all about power and money and what it can and does buy.

Who do you imagine the number one money contributor is

to the world's major Environmental Organizations?

Yep, Wal-Mart!

Now what do you think any of this has to do with this insignificant, little

web site dedicated to protecting Endangered Species?

Wal-Mart is/has been using/giving its retail muscle on/to these groups

as a form of quiet or hush money for years.

They give each of these groups so much money, that they can and do buy their silence

and their blindness in protecting the Environment.

If you doubt this, please read the first story and then do a little research on your own.

It was a real eye opener and it made my stomach turn over.

When I shop there, I am contributing to this:

Wal-Mart Chairman the Worst of the 1%

An Interesting Look at this Company

Wal-Mart's Political Contributions

Growing Power Takes Massive Contribution from Wal-Mart

The Greening of Wal-Mart America

Will Allen, Wal-Mart, Winter, What Next?



November 30, 2011

It's the Right Time for Whale Watching
North Atlantic Right Whale

Once again we will be heading back to the Beach to hopefully, finally, get our first glimpse

of the most highly Endangered Whale on this Planet, the North Atlantic Right Whale.

This week, they are heading south for the winter to our area for their annual birthing process.

Earlier this year we made three trips to the Atlantic Coast, hoping to be able to see one

as they headed North for the summer, but we came up empty each time.

Maybe this time, we will get lucky.

If you also wish to see this remarkable mammal, whose numbers constantly remain

between 350-400, you had better head for the South East Coast of Florida, soon.

Right Whale Soon to Make Annual Migration



November 27, 2011

There Are Two sides to the Python Dilemma in Florida

Our Senator Bill Nelson has just sent a letter to President Obama asking him to speed up

the process for including the Burmese and other Pythons on the FWS's injurious species list.

Now, this may seem like a positive step in the direction of eliminating a species which

has become the single most destructive force in the Everglades and other

highly sensitive Ecosystems in Florida, but wait ........

The FWS is more than just a little apprehensive about this idea, saying that this may cause

even more of them to be dumped into our wild places, mostly our lakes, swamps and rivers.

If this regulation is implemented, dealers would not be able to turn the snakes over to FWS,

as they have no plans for accepting them.

You can guess what the fate of the snakes will be then.

FWS says they will only have an occasional, non native species turn in,

or no questions asked, "amnesty days" throughout Florida.

Most Floridians have become aware of the history of these dangerous snakes

and people are abandoning them as fast as they can, wherever.

These snakes are now being dumped all over our state, killed by dealers, collectors and

owners who have either become afraid of them or simply don't want to feed them anymore.

Because of all of the negative news surrounding them, Pythons are no longer

the fast money makers that they used to be.

These snakes, through no fault of their own, have become an enemy to be eradicated.

Trust me, I do not care for these types of snakes, but this all seems so sick and just mean.

What we need are rules/laws to stop the sale or possession of these invasive Pythons

anywhere in Florida, period.

Once that is done, these money grubbers will have to look elsewhere to make a quick buck

and no more snakes will be murdered or worse, dumped into the Florida Everglades

or our other Ecosystems, which are right now overrun with them.

It is one giant mess.

Bill Nelson's Python Plan



November 24, 2011

Does This Seem a Silly or Selfish Question?

I know that this may seem selfish or silly, but could someone please explain why we in Lake County

or any county in Florida for that matter, must adhere to a very strict watering code,

while we are giving away our very precious water to out of state companies

who take millions of gallons out of the ground here daily for free?

I read in our paper a few days ago, that we must all go back to one day a week

watering from now until Spring, when our "wet season" returns.

These water companies who came here, brought in most of their own employees to work,

so therefore did not help with the Florida jobless problem, then they take

our water and bottle it to sell to the world and pay Florida nothing for this?

This all makes those of us who live here, pay taxes and conserve water,

feel pretty angry and yet no one running this state seems to mind, why is that?



November 21, 2011

Today is a Threefer!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has recently

released three new management/regulation plans to be

reviewed, considered and commented on by the public.

I hope that you will take action on one or all of these, as there are implications of

potential negative impact on each individual animal, if the public says or does nothing.

Please remember that they have no voice, except for yours.

The FWC links follow for each individual issue and animal involved in it:

Proposed New Flagler County Manatee Zone Rulings

Submit Your Thoughts on New Gopher Management Here

New Black Bear Management Plan



November 18, 2011

Endangered Species News Bulletin

If like me, you are very concerned with the way that our wild things and wild places

are being treated, this bi-monthly newsletter may be of interest to you.

The first link is for the bulletin and the second is for the sign up page:

The USFWS Endangered Species Bulletin

The Bulletin Sign Up Page



November 15, 2011

Great Story For Those of Us Who Love Birds
Red Cockaded Woodpecker

This has been a good week for really well written stories about Endangered Florida species.

Today's is about the elusive Red Cockaded Woodpecker, which at one point

was nearly wiped off the face of the Earth, but now is making a brave return

due to the vigilance of the USFWS and some really dedicated human friends.

Luckily for us, the most important requirement for this bird are the old longleaf pines,

which thankfully can still be found here in the Ocala National Forest.

These magnificent trees once made up most of the U.S. Southeastern woodlands,

but were, like the birds who love them, nearly decimated by human greed.

Thank you to Bryan Stevens, for one of the best articles written in a long time

about an Endangered bird, who is now on a mission to make it!

BTW Bryan, I share your feelings about the Ivory Billed.

The Red Cockaded Woodpecker



November 12, 2011

The Florida Scrub Jay
A Florida Scrub Jay

This excellent work by Tom Palmer of the Lakeland Ledger, is one of the best articles

to come out in a long time about the only indigenous bird of Florida, the Scrub Jay.

These birds, as have many other species in the state, have been chased from place to place, all over

the state, as the builders, contractors and strip malls have moved in and pushed them out.

Too many of Florida's Ecosystems have become concrete playgrounds for the wealthy visitors

who come, enjoy and go home without a thought to what their pleasures have cost our wildlife.

As Palmer so correctly points out, the Scrub Jay is a barometer on the health of

Florida's fragile scrub lands, much of which are contained within the Lake Wales Ridge,

which is also home to many other endangered species, including the sand skink,

the gopher tortoise and the scrub morning glory.

So, if the Scrub Jay and the scrub lands are in serious jeopardy,

what does that mean for the rest of Florida?

It means that it's time for all of us who live here year round to get off of our behinds and

start writing, calling and bringing the kind of noise now on Wall Street to the white sandy

beaches of Florida, only this time it's about saving the wild places and wild things,

who cannot camp out on the sidewalks of New York or D.C.

Indigenous Bird Is Declining at Dangerous Rate



November 9, 2011

The Whooping Cranes Have Left Wisconsin and Are Heading South

We in Central Florida have a very personal history with this magnificent bird and

none of us will ever forget the violent night of storms and deadly tornados

that killed 17 of them and 20 humans on Feb. 2, 2007.

What we here in the Ocala Forest area did not know was, the same tornado that passed

over our house that night, taking human lives and leaving massive destruction behind,

had already hit the West Coast Wildlife Refuge where the Endangered Cranes lived

and had taken a tragic toll there first.

But today is all about hope and eager anticipation, as the Whooping Cranes are once again

making their way south and their progress is being followed by several groups.

These three web sites have very detailed descriptions of the Whooping Crane,

as well as great resources for learning more about them:

Operation Migration In the Field

Operation Wildlife Migration Cam

Journey North's Whooping Crane Fall Migration Tracking Project



November 5, 2011

A Favorite New Blog Alert!!

Ok, I have just found a very cool Blog that should satisfy

even the most die hard prehistoric science junkies.

You know, the ones who drool over Terra Nova, Avatar, Jurassic Park,

and the like, yes, myself included.

This unique Blog, comes to you from the great minds at Scientific American,

which was a personal favorite reading all through college.

Today's Blog posting is dedicated to the ancient ones of this Earth and

reading it made me want to head north to Gainesville to the

Natural History Museum at the University of Florida.

If you haven't yet been to the Gator Woman Fossil page,

please try to take a look at it and then enjoy all of this tasty fossil matter~

Scientific American Blog: Tetrapod Zoology



November 2, 2011

Do You Know Bill Maxwell?

If You Don't, You Should!

We are very fortunate that our local paper,  The Daily Commercial, runs his column.

Bill is a Native Floridian, a passionate man and most of the time, dead on in his editorials.

But this week, he has made comments that were a little unexpected.

He wrote about the beautiful wild places and wild creatures of our state and surprise,

he loves them enough to lay it all out there in his column.

Maxwell writes for the St. Pete Times and running this story in a state, where hunters rule

and their lobbyists take no prisoners, took no small amount of courage.

Bill's story is sure to invoke severe criticism from those who fiercely defend their right

to "kill at will" and blast any who dare to stand against them.

Bless you Bill, you are one of the few writers here who is willing to take

a stand for protecting those who have no voice:

our wild things, our wild places, our Wild Florida.

And, for those who don't like it, they can, well you know.......

Maxwell: Protect Florida's Wild Places From Off Road Vehicles



October 30, 2011

Something to Think About

Found two thought provoking web sites this morning for your consideration,

and while both make critical observations on the condition of our planet,

neither offers opinions intended for the faint of heart or mind.

The first is from the Center for Biological Diversity who wonders out loud,

as have others forever, just how many more people this already

over burdened planet can support:

7 Billion and Counting

The second is from NPR and asks you to consider the pros and cons of the Paleo-Diet,

an uprising or movement of sorts, that has found some strong support for its so-called

 prehistoric or primal lifestyle agenda:

The Paleo-Diet: Not the Way to a Healthy Future

And, what does all of this have to do with Endangered Wildlife Species you might ask?

They both bring into focus the fact that human overpopulation and wide spread animal

consumption, are absolutely affecting the wildlife on this Planet and not in a good way.



October 27, 2011

Get 'em!

See a crime in the wild, there are now multiple ways for concerned

Florida citizens to report violators: call it, email it, online it, or text it!

FWC has become techno savvy with new ideas to keep Florida wildlife safe

and making it easier to get those who harm our wildlife and/or environment.

Now we can all work together to keep Florida wild and free~

To Report a crime in the wild:

To Call:  888-404-3922 or *FWC/#FWC

To Email:  fwcnews@myfwc.com

To Text: Tip@MyFWC.com

Go Online :  Wildlife Alert Program


October, 24, 2011

It Is Finally October

The weather is the reason for the season now in Florida.

It is crisp and cool and the air is clean and pure.

Being able to throw open the windows every morning now is a joy.

No air conditioning, just fresh air.

Wait, I can actually hear the Sand Hill Cranes just above the roof.

Fall in Florida has finally arrived.

Time to get out and see what makes this state so beautiful.

From the East Atlantic Coast beaches and lighthouses,

to the West Coast and the snow white sandy Gulf Shores,

all along the panhandle, south to magical Miami or way down to the Keys,

it is all there and beckoning you to come.

The weather is perfect right now for a drive to anywhere.

Ahhh Florida.........



October 21, 2011

The Horror of Selfish Humans

For those of you who do not live in Florida, the story in Ohio this week may not have

been quite as painful for you, as it was for those here who have had to deal with the

out of control, turned loose wherever, wild exotics found all around us.

For some reason, only the idiots who buy/acquire these wild animals can explain, these people

try to bring them into an average neighborhood without a thought to the consequences.

And as was the case in Ohio, when these selfish owners can no longer care for them,

they just turn them loose, wherever it suits them.

It is hard to understand, harder still to accept.

What happened in Ohio this week is clearly an example of why exotic animals

need to be forbidden from being sold or owned, anywhere, ever.

I feel the saddest for little children who had to witness the horror of the ongoing coverage

of this story and do not know how each parent managed to explain to their child

how or why this all happened.

The whole point is this, exotic animals are not pets, they are wild animals

and can never be anyone's pet.

They are wild and should remain so, forever.

Please let us not forget the images we all witnessed this week,

for the sake of all those who died, please never forget.

But, we can help change this.

Help to pass the legislation where you live, to outlaw the ownership and sale of exotic animals,

like we in Florida are trying so desperately to do.

The forces on the other side are well funded, so it is an uphill battle, at least here in Florida.

No links are given for this story because not one could be found without any pictures.

God Bless them and may they all now rest in peace.



October 18, 2011

Will the Everglades Ever Be Cleaned Up?
Florida's Everglades National Park

If you read any of the stories below, you may begin to understand why so many years

after they were first ordered to do so, the state of Florida has still not done what it

has been given $100 million to do, get the toxins out of the Everglades.

Everyone involved has their own excuse, or agenda, but the bottom line is this,

no one wants to spend big money on the Everglades.

Cleaning up the Everglades, will find no supporters among the Sugar companies,

even though the phosphorus that is its main pollutant comes from them,

nor from our own elected officials like Rooney and Mica, who together

 have helped to set clean water in this state back 40 years.

Checks have been written, delivered and accepted for the single purpose of getting the job done,

but someone in Tallahassee will have to commit to it and so far, no one is willing.

And, if you think our new Governor will finally be the one, think again.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas is watching with a heavy heart and wondering

who will do the right thing for her beloved Everglades.

Scott's Everglades Plan

Clean Water for Florida, Nutrient Pollution Standards

Dirty Money for Dirty Water

A Clean Win For the Everglades

Federal Judge Questions Results of Everglades Clean Up

Don't Make Us Clean Up the Everglades, But.....

Florida Asks For More Time to Clean Up Everglades



October 15, 2011

One Tiny Butterfly With One Big Problem
A Florida Miami Blue Butterfly

Most of you have probably never heard of the Miami Blue Butterfly.

It is not even as big as your thumb and survives in only one place in the world, the Florida Keys.

The factors leading to the impending demise of the Blue include the usual habitat loss by

development and invasive species, but another huge contributor has been the endless

 chemical spraying in the area for mosquitoes, which has negatively impacted not only

the Miami Blue Butterfly, but other species as well.

The biggest problem for the Blue is that to date, its predicament has received little attention,

 because the agencies responsible for protecting it, have dragged their feet

until the last possible minute and now it could be too late.

Enter a group of students from Duke who may be the Miami's last best hope:

Clinic Students Pursue Protection for Endangered Butterfly


October 12, 2011

Two Out of Three is Good!
A young Loggerhead swims near Panama City, Florida

Nest counts for Florida Sea Turtles are up.

The Green and Leatherbacks are doing well and the third,

the Loggerhead, is at about the same place that it was a year ago,

which is still better than the recent past.

But any good news for Sea Turtles makes those who have been

worried for years about their future, breathe just a little better.

All of the hard work done by just regular people and Florida Wildlife Agencies

is beginning to pay off and makes the extra efforts worthwhile.

Besides, most coastal dwellers have adjusted to turning their lights off

early at night during nesting season to help out~

Storm Brings End to Sea Turtle Season

Greens, Leatherbacks Show High Nest Counts

Sea Turtles Multiply



October 9, 2011

Do You Know If the Food That You Just Ate Was Real or Memorex?

Do you want Human Growth Hormones (HGH) in your milk?

Do you want to eat fish that has been created, (GMO) or is as the

press and food safety groups like to call it, Frankenfish?

Do you know how much Mercury you eat?

Please take a look at the stories below and ask yourself this question:

Should the former lawyer for Monsanto, Michael Taylor, be in charge of the

regulations for food product safety at the FDA?

How stupid do they think the American public is and

how long do they think that they can get away with this?

Want an answer, take a look at Wall Street today.

It's time for all of us to ask questions and demand answers.

Americans must demand that our food be safe, free of toxins and chemicals

 and not genetically modified, (GMO).

Neither we, nor our children, nor our pets, should be eating these potentially dangerous foods.

The American Public is not a Lab experiment for big Corporations,

the FDA and/or any Government Agency.

We all have the right to know what we are eating.

This group has a petition that you may wish to read and/or sign:

Just Label It

Please, educate yourself and learn more about real food safety:

Unsafe by Definition: Frankenfish


"Natural" Food Products with Toxic Chemicals

This Much Mercury

Thanks to the FDA, You Really Have No Idea What's in Your Food

USDA Gives Taxpayer Money to Fund Company's Efforts to Genetically Engineer Salmon

Why is the Government Funneling Money to a Company Trying to Feed Us Frankenfish?


October 6, 2011

Today is a Terrific Twofer!

Two stories on our local news this morning gave cause for celebration.

The City of Ocala says that they have found a way to "rid " themselves

of their duck "problem" without killing the ducks.

They will be sending the ducks to a place where they cannot

escape they say and that they will not be killed.

And the second joyous story, the Airboat business so determined to set up shop

on Lake Toho, has decided to go elsewhere to run his 20 tourist trips a day.

He gave no reason for his decision, but with all of the negative press and

sizable numbers of those against him at each of the previous meetings,

I think he got the message.

So, two small victories for Florida Wildlife today.

Yes, we can and do make a difference when we get involved

and stand up for what is right for Wildlife.

Ocala's New Plan for Ducks



October 3, 2011

Calling All Parrot Heads

Last week we took a long drive to Indiana for a family reunion.

It had been nearly 12 years since my last one and it was fun being there,

but when we got home it was still hot and muggy here, leaving us

missing the nice cool weather of the Midwest.

But yesterday, we finally got the break from the 90's Floridians wait

seven long months for, our sort of Fall, southern style!

With the morning temperatures yesterday and today in the low 50's,

many Floridians are now yearning for the one place where

we can really get away from it all, the Keys.

If you have never been down to the Keys, what on earth are you waiting for?

The seemingly endless road work appears to be finished and it's all just waiting there,

to take you away.

I can hear Jimmy Buffet calling my name......

Stretch Project Finally Finished



September 30, 2011

Is this Really a New Plan or Just a Ploy?

The USFWS has come up with a new plan to review a long list of Wildlife

 to possibly put under the protection of Endangered Species Act.

This move by the current administration may only be a ploy to improve

 their chilly relationship with Wildlife Advocates who see Obama

as not such a good friend to Wildlife at present.

 Will all of these strange bedfellows cozy up together for a long winters nap

 or be thrown out into the cold?

It is going to be a very long campaign season.

The list of the species and the plan are here: ESA Plan

374 Aquatic-Dependent Species May Warrant ESA Protection

Hundreds of Plants and Animals Up for New Protections

Hundreds of Plants Up for Protection



September 26, 2011

To Hunt or Not to Hunt, That is the Question

When it comes to the critically Endangered Florida Panther, there is little room for error.

Even though the Panthers numbers have remained at a perilous level for half a century,

hunters in Florida are demanding that the Big Cypress Preserve be opened up to hunting.

This is the only restaurant that the Panther has and the menu only has a few items on it,

most importantly the White Tailed Deer.

If hunters are allowed into this area to kill them, how many will remain for the Panther to survive on?

I live in the Ocala Forest and have seen these same hunters in action, repeatedly.

They travel up and down our local roads with their dogs in cages.

The dogs are kept starving, so that they will hunt better.

After they are released into the woods, the hunters go in and kill at will.

Meanwhile, the dogs can be seen on the side of the road, their ribs hanging out,

wearing their radio collars and desperately waiting to be picked up by their owners.

Some are hit and killed on the road, others have ended up lost, trying to get into

our local post office or begging at local homes for food.

These are the kind of people who will do the right thing, right?

They would never kill more deer than they are allowed to, right?

So let's see, the Panther has had its habitat chopped to pieces, or virtually eliminated,

now they want to take its food, what does that leave?

Maybe we could take the air that they breathe as well?

The hunters have an entire state to hunt in, the Panther has only one place left.

When the deer are all gone, the severely Endangered Florida Panther will of course take

what ever it can find; cows, pets, you name it, if you were starving wouldn't you?

Come on people, think about this, it's not rocket science, it's survival.

You can read more about it and then respond/react here: Hunting Management Plan

Florida Panther Population Up to 160

Tree-Huggers and Gun-Toters Trade Barbs


September 23, 2011

Does It Make Any Sense to Drill In the Everglades?
Florida's Everglades National Park

Lately it seems, an increasing number of elected officials are in favor of drilling in

one of the most sensitive Ecosystems on the Planet, the Everglades.

Bachmann wants to drill there and she doesn't even live here.

How could she possibly understand the impact that this action could have?

Then Scott jumped on the bandwagon, saying it might be a good idea,

only to recant a few days later, after the fire was lit under him.

Crist even said it might be feasible once and also recanted quickly.

Don't these people see the ongoing impact of the Gulf Disaster as a warning sign

of the likely negative possibilities that this move could have on the entire region?

When will the people with all the power start acting like responsible adults,

instead of like greedy little children fighting for their own way in the sand box?

We who are not paid elected officials, can see the big picture, when will the politicians?

Everglades Oil Drilling


September 20, 2011

When it Comes to the Everglades, Everybody Has Their Own Agenda
Florida's Everglades National Park

The Everglades and Lake Okeechobee have been besieged for so long,

it is hard to remember a time when the very mention of their names,

did not evoke passionate responses from all sides.

South Florida just wants the water, the developers just want the land

and the cattle ranchers just want it all to stay the same.

The one party in this ongoing drama that rarely get asked for their opinion,

are the wildlife, who are at the mercy of all of these warring factions.

Now, the Feds have come up with what they think is a great idea,

but I guess that depends on whose side you are on.

This story reveals the Government in all its glory, just like the politicians and

the lobbyists, their agenda is the best one and we should all just accept that.

In the end, who will profit, who will suffer?

Can you guess?

Agency Takes a New Approach to Save Everglades Land


September 16, 2011

Broward County Implements New Rule for Manatees

Broward County, which has as many as 927 Manatees, has become a favorite winter home

for them, so recently the FWC passed a new rule to protect them during this time.

Beginning November 15 and going until March 31, Florida boaters will have to slow down,

 not just on the weekends, but during the week too.

FWC Protects Manatees with New Rule


September 5, 2011

Store Your Trash Florida and Save a Bear!
A Florida Black Bear

The Florida FWC has sent out a great news memo for us all to adhere to this Fall,

stash your garbage and save a Bear.

All Bears are getting ready for winter and are eating everything in sight.

The recent tragic deaths involving Bears and their cubs here in Central Florida

were a direct result of them getting into trouble when thoughtless

homeowners left food out where the Bears could get at it.

This is the hungriest time of the year for Bears and they

will take advantage of any food that their paws can reach!

If you would like to get a Bear proof trash can, contact your local Trash Collector.

So be Bear aware and put your trash where they cannot get into it,

or it is on you if they get into trouble!

Stash Your Garbage


September 2, 2011

Disasters Bring Out the Best in People

Although the state of Florida did not take a direct hit from Hurricane Irene,

our Eastern Coastal areas and the wild things that live there were

very much impacted by the Hurricane's high tides and big waves.

Hundreds of hatchlings were brought to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in

Juno Beach by good Florida citizens who wanted to help the latest victims of Irene.

When we see helpless things in need, how can we not?

700 Sea Turtle Nests Washed Out by Hurricane Irene

Sea Turtles Washed Out by Irene

Sea Turtles Affected by Hurricane Irene


August 30, 2011

Florida's First People

Today's Blog is not about an Endangered Florida species, but about one that

has already gone, it is about the Timucuan Indians of Florida.

Our home is on land where these people once lived.

The St. John's River not far from us, was of great historical importance to the Timucuans

and several other local tribes here in Central Florida.

These Ancient Indians, who were here long before any outsiders stepped foot on Florida,

are rarely spoken of in local schools, in the news or even on web sites

which claim to be historical reference places for their individual counties.

This is sad because so many of the names and places here reflect their

importance and influence of these Ancient people on not only this area,

but on the entire state of Florida.

Here are a few places to learn more about the First People of Florida:

Exploring Early Florida

Missions, Timucuans and the Aucilla

Overview of Native History


True Natives


August 27, 2011

A Follow Up on the Condemned Ducks of Ocala

For the original story about the Ducks of Ocala, please see the posting below:

This Plan is Unacceptable.

OK, maybe the world is not a completely cold, cynical place after all!

Maybe people do care about what happens to animals.

Some people, not all people.

But, people did respond to this disturbing story in a very big way, bless their little hearts.

At this time, there is no other news about the situation.

Will keep an up to date posting here, if and/or when, anything new happens.

Ocala's Duck Problem Has Become a Major Public Relations Problem


August 23, 2011

Can We Stop the Invasion of Florida?

Most people in Florida know about the Burmese Pythons that have taken over the Everglades.

Really stupid people buy these snakes, find out how much it costs to feed them

and then dump them in the nearest body of water.

Since many of these exotic snake owners live in South Florida,

they usually end up in the Everglades, where they are now swallowing

up every living thing in this already highly Endangered Ecosystem.

These snakes are everybody's problem now!

Our Senator Bill Nelson has written a Bill that addresses the snake problem,

but snakes are not the only invasive species in Florida.

So, we have to deal with not only invasive animals, but invasive plants as well

and they are all doing the same thing to our beautiful state,

eating it all up, one bite at a time!

Florida's Invasive Species

Nonnative Species in Florida

Stopping Invasive Species Before they Invade



August 20, 2011

Probably Not a Subject You Think Much About

Unless you live in Florida and have been down to the Keys, you may

not even be aware that the only coral Reef in the continental U.S. is there.

The coral that live in the pristinely beautiful Keys National Marine Sanctuary,

just off of the Florida Coast, have already suffered from extreme weather conditions,

like cold and heat, now they are catching a disease called White Pox, from us!

Caribbean Coral Catch Disease from Sewage

Bacteria: The New Pirates of the Caribbean



August 17, 2011

This Plan is Unacceptable

No, this duck is not an Endangered Species in Florida,

in fact they are not a native bird here at all.

And, if you live anywhere else, this may seem pretty trivial.

There is a town near us called Ocala and they are having a problem with some ducks

and the answer that they have come up with for the second time, is to kill all of them.

Has anyone considered giving these unwanted ducks to people who

 might want them for pets or to put in their ponds on their property?

Aren't there parks all over the US where they may, perhaps be sent to live?

It seems like there just has to be another choice besides killing all of them, again.

This story describing the Ocala City Council's plan is sickening and if after reading it,

you too are sickened, please make a call!

Ocala City Council to Kill Ducks


August 14, 2011

Is Today a Good Day for the Everglades?
Florida's Everglades National Park

The story below is both disturbing and hopeful.

The author's observations seem to be more than just a little biased,

especially considering her recent remarks about Eric Draper.

The Federal Government never ceases to amaze,

first they can barely agree to work together on the US economy,

now the USDA has handed Florida a $100 million check to restore the Northern Everglades.

 Local farmers claim to have demonstrated that it is possible to farm without destroying the

environment, having for the 16th consecutive year reduced the amount of released phosphorus,

and this year they claim to have increased from their average of 55% up to 79%.

Eric Draper of Audubon says it can get better, but let's take a moment to smile.

People on both sides are saying how great this all will be for the Everglades, but hold on.

Who will actually get the check?

If it ends up in Governor Scott's hands, will he really spend it on the Everglades?

So, who's hands will the check really end up in?

Will they be transparent in their dispersal of the funds?

Or will it all end up in some account hidden to be used after the smoke has all cleared?

 And, if most of this money is spent on buying land,

how will that restore the Everglades?

Do we really think that everyone will just do the right thing with that kind of money?

Jackpot of a News Day in Everglades


August 11, 2011

The Tiny Miami Blue Gets a Tiny Break
A Florida Miami Blue Butterfly

This tiny, rare butterfly, the Miami Blue, has only one place on Earth to live safely,

well as safely as it can in a hostile world for butterflies, the Florida Keys.

Today the USFWS gave this butterfly about the size of your thumbnail,

a little smile and a little wink and said, "Ok, we will protect you for 240 days."

This emergency action came only after many years of ignoring the problems that it faced.

The agency has been targeted by countless environmental groups since 1984, for its failure

to protect the butterfly, which by now has barley enough genetic pool left to sustain it,

with less than 50 adults and a new invader in the form of non native iguanas,

who eat the flowers that the butterfly needs to live.

Thanks to all of the passionate people and environmental groups who kept after FWS

and perhaps, for a moment at least, giving the Miami Blue a tiny chance.

Another South Florida Species Declared Endangered in Emergency Action

Endangered Butterfly Gets Emergency Federal Protection

Rare Florida Butterfly Gets Protection


August 8, 2011

Can You Love a Manatee Too Much?

You probably don't want to ask this question of me or my three children.

Back in the 70's on our first trip to Central Florida to visit my parents,

we went to Blue Springs State Park to see the Manatees.

While we were there, we were allowed to get into the water and be

 "loved" by these graceful, docile, trusting animals.

Having them touch you and nudge you, exploring you like they were just as

curious about you, as you were about them, was a once in a lifetime experience.

It was the kind of thing that stays with you all of your life, it changes you,

 it makes you want to protect them, no matter what.

So, in answer to the question asked in this story today,

 for me, for us, the answer was, is, no.

We can never love any animal too much.

I believe that humans were put on the earth to watch over the animals,

not to use them or abuse them.

And as long as I am still breathing, I will always be watching out for the animals.

Can You Love a Manatee Too Much?


August 5, 2011

Florida Orthodontist Performs Miraculous Procedure on Green Sea Turtle
A Green Sea Turtle

Humans are a curious lot.

Just when you think that they are mostly reckless and selfish,

an event like this brings it all back to center.

A medical team in Juno Beach, Florida headed up Dr. Alberto Vargas,

went to work at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center and

accomplished something that may have never been done before.

This dedicated team of talented professionals donated many hours of their own time

working valiantly to clear up infections and repair the badly damaged shell of "Andre"

a green sea turtle who had been run over by a boat propeller.

Surrounded by a huge joyous crowd, Andre, after a year of intensive care,

was finally sent back to the sea whence he came from yesterday.

Bless you Dr. Vargas, may it all come back to you and your team tenfold~

Florida Sea Turtle Gets High Tech Medicine

Endangered Sea Turtle Returns to the Sea


August 2, 2011

Can a Sign Help Save a Life?

These new signs graciously put up by Lamar Advertising in the area with

the highest mortality rate for the Florida Panther just may do that.

Perhaps, if more people spent more time looking after Endangered Wildlife,

we humans could end up being the good guys after all.

Slowing Down in Panther Country


July 30, 2011

The Ivory Billed Woodpecker

Last night we watched a Documentary, The Ghost Bird.

Although this was not a new subject to us, some of what we saw in this

film was not known and very disturbing on several levels.

We know that this beautiful bird is more than likely extinct, but perhaps

it might not have been without the help of the Logging Industries,

and the Science, Hunting and Garment Communities.

The demise of many birds and much wildlife began in the last century with

the old growth timber deforestation of millions of acres all over this country.

Magnificent trees that once housed the largest Woodpecker in America,

became fields of soybeans, the Ivory Billed Woodpecker and many

other birds lost their habitats forever.

In this film, among other things, it was shown that one Ivory Billed nest,

in particular, had it eggs removed, not once, but twice in a single breeding season.

To understand the scope of this, imagine that you are pregnant and

awaiting the birth of your child and then when it is born,

it is taken away from you.

So, you get pregnant again and again your child is taken away.

Can you imagine how this pair of birds who mate for life, must have felt?

And please do not tell me that birds cannot feel grief,

because we simply do not know that.

Next we are shown massive Ornithology storage facilities; the endless steel cabinets

with their countless drawers at Cornell, Harvard and Yale Universities.

We are shown tray after tray of dead Ivory Billed Woodpeckers and many other birds.

Now where do you suppose these elite schools acquired all of these dead birds?

It was never revealed.

We know that in the past hunters killed this and many other birds to eat them and

also so that women could have pretty feathers on their hats!

We are told of the beautiful birds that no longer exist, including, the Ivory Billed Woodpecker,

Carolina Parakeet, Passenger Pigeon and many others.

My question is this:

Is it possible that in our urgent need to clear the most land, have the best Ornithology Department,

be the prettiest dressed woman, or most successful hunter, we contributed to the demise of these birds?

The price for our greed, for our selfish human nature was very high.

Was it all worth it?

Can't ask the birds, they're not here anymore.


July 27, 2011

Our Gopher Tortoise
Florida Gopher Tortoise

Today, as I watched our female Gopher Tortoise scurry under the side fence

of our front yard and dive down into her burrow, a sad thought crossed my mind.

She is one of the very few lucky ones.

Each time that she goes out under the front gate and down the road on one of her "journeys",

we worry until she comes home again, grateful that she has not been hit by a car.

We moved into the Ocala Forest in 2004 and she and our Airedales have owned us, since.

Harriet, as we call her, has the complete run of our one acre yard and because of her

and the scarce green treefrogs, lizards and skinks who share our home with her,

no poisons or pesticides are used on our lawn or plants.

She eats her way all over our yard in complete peace and we know that what she eats

is the food that she really needs and wants.

It all looks like weeds to us, but she is so happy.

It is all natural, just what she would have found to eat if she came here a thousand years ago.

Does Harriet know that today the FWS, which was organized to protect and to

serve our wildlife, has decided that her life and the lives of thousands of others

just like her here in Florida do not have a great deal of value to them.

She, they, cannot vote or donate to political campaigns, so how important can protecting them really be?

Why should these people, who just a few years ago, allowed the wholesale slaughter of her kind

when developers were allowed to kill them without concern and over 70,000 were buried alive?

What does this kind of behavior say for us as a race?

I know that you are sick of hearing this, but Gandhi's words ring in my ears again today:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by Man from the cruelty of Man. "

Gopher Tortoise Falls Short of Federal Protection


July 23, 2011

The Bill That Will Undo Years of Protection for Endangered Wildlife

If you read this story and understand that the woman who wrote it was weaned

 on the kind of rhetoric that permeates Washington today,

you will see just how scary this all is.

Read her passionate plea to the deaf ears in D.C.

We need to stand beside her and all who aspire to see our wildlife

 and our environment preserved and protected.

Please let Washington know that we are united in our convictions.

Extinction Rider Puts Us All in Danger

Oppose the Extinction Rider

House Continues Assault on Environment


July 20, 2011

The Snail Kite
A male Florida Snail Kite

This bird has no luck!

It was chased out of its ancestral home in Lake Okeechobee by severe drought,

and severe greed by those who drained the lake over countless protests.

Water levels on Okeechobee declined to the point where the Snail Kite and

its primary food source, the Apple Snail, could no longer survive.

When the water goes away, so does all life.

Read the report by Dr. Gray of Audubon on the Lake's water conditions.

And meanwhile, Governor Scott's new bill takes aim at water, wildlife and jobs.

So the beleaguered Snail Kite went north and found a new home on Lake Toho,

where surprisingly it began to flourish, for a while.

But once again, humans interfered.

The local boaters angry about Hydrilla in the Lake that were causing

their boats to sputter, asked FWS to step in and eliminate the bothersome plants.

This plant however, is the favorite food of the Apple Snail, which is the favorite food of the Snail Kite.

So, you see the problem?

Instead of wiping out the plant population completely, a compromise plan

was devised to try to keep the peace and a balance between the two.

Surviving that dilemma for the moment, now comes a new human attack that will

most likely force the Kite out of its new home permanently.

This new invader comes in the form of Airboat Tours on the lake.

The plan is to have at least 20 of them running every day, all filled with tourists.

If you have never heard these things running, think of standing

next to a jackhammer or a wood chipper.

The local homeowners are angry because they have beautiful homes on the lake

which up until now, has been peaceful and quiet.

While the homeowners will probably not die from the hideous noises

and the huge crowds, the same cannot be said for the Snail Kite.

If this Airboat Tours business is permitted to set up shop on Lake Toho,

it will be the end of the Kite, which has been run out of town before by

humans with little concern for their welfare.

If you live near Lake Toho and are able, perhaps you might wish to show up at the next

Commission Meeting on September 18th, that will decide whether this group will be allowed to

begin the end of an Endangered wildlife and the tranquility of a beautiful wild area.

Read About the Airboat Tours Issue Here:

Residents Fight to Stop Tourist Attraction on Lake Toho

If you do plan on attending the next meeting, here is contact information:

Osceola County Government

407 742-2000

County Commissioner: Frank Attkisson District 4 - Lake Toho

The last meeting to address the Airboat Tours Issue was held July 18th

and was then continued for 60 days.

See the meeting results live here:

July 18th Osceola Commission Meeting

The next meeting to address this subject will be September 19th at 5:30 PM

in Commission Chambers (4th Floor)

I Courthouse Square,

Kissimmee, Florida

Let's All Be there in September!


July 17, 2011

Leatherback Sea Turtle Nest Counts Are Up in Florida
Florida Leatherback Turtle

As was reported locally on the news this week, this season is another good

one for Florida's largest Sea Turtle, the Leatherback.

Thankfully their nest counts are up here, but the news in other places like

Mexico and Costa Rica is not so good, in fact they are in a steep decline there and

Scientists in these areas, believe extinction there may be a great possibility.

Project Log

Leatherback Sea Turtle Nests Increasing in Florida


July 14, 2011

A Tea Party Made to Order for the Mad Hatter

If this seems incredulous, join the crowd.

A story in the Saint Pete Times reports that the Edna Mattos and members of the

Citrus County Tea Party believe that a new proposal by FWS to protect the Manatees will

"elevate nature above people and that is against the bible and the bill of rights."

It's a good thing that Edna never tried to have an audience with Mahatma Gandhi,

who firmly believed that animals were more important than some of the

heads of state who came to visit him at his ashram.

His timeless quote still rings true, for me at least, today,

"The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress,

can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Perhaps the Citrus County Tea Party and its members,

should seek another way to promote their questionable ideology?

Tea Party Members Tackle a New Issue: Manatees


July 11, 2011

Can Wildlife and the Power of the Future Co-Exist?

There are two related stories to report on today that sadden me.

As a huge believer in the new power direction the world must take to

free us forever from oil and oil mongers, this seems like a step backwards.

The development of new energy sources must keep moving forward, but the cost to our

endangered wildlife cannot exceed the promise these new powers sources hold.

Technology of the future must always keep wildlife safety in mind during the design period

and with these recent reports of wildlife harm, it is back to the drawing board.

Study Reveals Animal Deaths Related to Wind Turbines

Feds Say Proposed Wind Farm Near Everglades Could Harm Birds


July 8, 2011

The Wild Things Are On Their Own Now

This story reflects the huge gap between the White House and Environmentalists right now.

Not sure what, or if, anything will stave this off, as long as they are all so focused on fighting

each other to the death in Congress over Budget cuts and Taxes.

No one wants to spend a dime on anything that will not support either a

candidate's campaign or a lobbyists pet projects.

No one can profit from saving an Endangered animal or plant, so why should they care.

New Bill Will Put Moratorium on Endangered Species Listings


July 5, 2011

Yellowstone River

Today's comment is not about Florida's wildlife, it is about the wildlife

in a place that has been close to my heart for many years, Yellowstone.

If you have never been to the Yellowstone area, you may want to get a ticket soon,

while it still remains one of the most pristine, breathtaking places on Earth.

Over the weekend one of the most egregious polluters of our lifetime did it again.

Exxon Mobil has once again putrefied a perfect water source for wildlife

in an area whose size is yet to be determined.

This is because they at first tried to downplay the actual damage and

reported that it was not really that much of a problem.

But then this morning, as was the case with the destruction in Alaska in 1989,

it was much worse than Exxon originally claimed.

Can anyone remember back to the first day of the BP spill,

when it was claimed that no oil was leaking at all?

At this time, the Yellowstone River which runs through some of the

most beautiful land known to humans, is running black with oil sludge.

The story is everywhere now and it will probably get worse as time goes on.

Who will suffer the most of course, are the area wildlife, as this is their main drinking source.

What will it take to get Exxon Mobil and their counterparts to respect wildlife and wildland?

No one in Washington will punish them, they are all too dependant on their campaign money.

Environmental groups can only take them to court, but the result of this will as usual,

only be fines paid, harsh words and then it's back to the game at hand,

making money drilling and pumping oil, everywhere.

Like the story below this one, eventually we may be unable to reverse the

damage done and we could all be without the lifeblood of life, clean, pure, water.

Scope of Yellowstone River Oil Spill May Grow


July 2, 2011

It's All About the Water

Was going to take a break until after the Holiday, but this could not wait.

After reading the story below, I knew I would be writing today.

Those of you who read this Blog know of my deep concern

for Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades.

They have both suffered severely at the hands of greedy, selfish Humans

for so long that it may already be too late to save either.

This of course is not even considering the wildlife at both places

who have already been displaced for lack of food.

Everything leaves when the water levels drop to where they are now and have been for years.

Habitats are destroyed and wildlife moves on hoping for a better place to live in peace.

This story only describes the truth that we all knew was there, being carefully,

deliberately, hidden behind closed political doors.

As I have said many times in my life, water isn't the only thing in life that matters,

it's just the most important.

California has been poisoning their water for nearly a century now

and the cancer deaths and sickness in the entire state are the result.

As my favorite Geology Professor at CSUN once said, what they have done to the

water in the San Joaquin Valley will take 10,000 years to correct.

We are out of time people, wake up.

Water is the lifeblood of  all living things.

It must be protected because money can not buy it back once it is poisoned.

And Not a Drop to Drink, the Salting of Florida


July 1, 2011

Two Exciting Events to Report on Today

The first is about new live broadcasts from the combined talents

of Wild Earth and Ustream with seven subject choices:

Wild Earth Partners With Ustream

The other shows how big companies can make a big difference

in helping Endangered or Threatened Wildlife by

putting their money where their mouths are:

Sea World and Busch Gardens Give Millions to Protect Wildlife


June 28, 2011

We Are Still in a Drought in Much of Florida

We finally have begun to get our much needed rain here in the

Ocala Forest, but what about all of our Lakes?

Okeechobee is still low and many lakes in this County remain well below normal.

A lack of rain for so long followed by recent heavy rains has caused some sink holes.

Here is a great place to see exactly what is happening at Okeechobee:

Lake Okeechobee Water Levels


June 25, 2011

A Very Smart Bird!
A Roseate Tern

The very rare Roseate Terns have many choices in the area to make their homes.

So, where do they choose to do so?

On the roof of the FWC building in Marathon, in the Florida Keys, that's where!

Due to all of the usual reasons, there are only about 300 pairs left here.

This roof top has about 67 nests and they are all very closely watched.

Smart birds!

Endangered Terns Finds Safety Atop FWC Building


June 21, 2011

A Manatee Update......

After all of the recent sad news, how great is this?

This story in today's St. Pete Times is exactly what Manatees need.

Feds Want Permanent Manatee Refuge in Kings Bay


June 19, 2011

Have a Safe, Happy Father's Day Florida

And while you are out on the water in your boats,

please be aware that the extreme low water levels statewide

 are making Boat/Manatee collisions more likely than ever before.

Low water levels aren't the only hazard for the Endangered Florida Manatee,

Flagler County recently made a crucial decision about them:

Flagler Whacks Manatee Zone Speeds

And there is also danger on the rivers in Northern Florida:

Low Water Levels Increase Risk to Manatees


June 16, 2011

Should What We Do in our Private Life be Made Public?

This information is not new, but the point is,

should you and others be made aware of it?

Elephants are not an Endangered Florida Species,

so should it even be brought up on this website?

You tell me.

If after reading the story, you feel as disgusted as I was,

please let this man know.

Since he is a business man first and foremost, maybe the best way to voice your

displeasure with his actions, is to not do business with his company, ever!

Go-Daddy CEO Kills Elephant for Sport

CEO Shot Female Elephant, Not Bull


June 13, 2011

Florida's Drought is Number One Topic Now

All over Florida Humans and Wildlife are feeling the impact of the worst drought

here in 80 years and if the rain doesn't start soon and begin our wet season,

the wounds will be deep and painful for all of us.

Sad to say, but the complete absence of Hurricanes recently has really hurt state water levels,

and without any of them for the past three years, Florida is just about to dry up and blow away.

In 1998, when the weather was quite similar to this year, we had one of the worst fire seasons ever.

If we don't get some serious rain and very soon, we could have a repeat of that year.

Humans can buy bottled water and cut back on use, but what do the wild things do?

There is no where for them to get water if everything is all dried up.

Florida is looking more and more like a desert every day and we gave

away our precious water to out of state bottling companies for free!

Thank you to all those who are guilty of this stupid move.

You know who you are.

And the people who vote and pay your salaries are learning who you are too.

Drought's Environmental Toll is Broad, Deep


June 10, 2011

My First Black Bear
A Florida Black Bear

Today for the first time in my life,  I saw a Black Bear.

I was on my way into town from our house in the Ocala Forest

and it was just sort of sitting in the middle of the road, gasp.

I stopped my car and we looked at each other for a bit.

I am quite sure that I was not breathing.

Then it ambled back in the woods as I talked to it.

It was not very old, probably a teenager.

Its coat was so black and shiny, like it had just been bathed

 and polished up for a photograph.

It was just so beautiful, so unexpected, it was hard to stay quiet.

What came to mind as it looked into my eyes was this:

How on earth could anyone ever, ever shoot this gift to us?

He/she is not aware that it has just been taken off of the Threatened Species List

and very soon, humans will start coming in great numbers to blow its brains out,

so that they can hang its head on a wall, as a trophy,

or proof of their great hunting skills.

And just who is truly the animal here?


June 7, 2011

Florida Forever Funding Cut for Third Year in a Row

If you don't know what this group is or what it does, you should.

What they are trying to do, like the salmon swimming upstream,

is to save Florida's last Wild Lands for our children and their children.

Florida Forever Funding Cut Again

Funding Nil for Florida Forever



June 3, 2011

Great Advice for Those Who Write About the Endangered World

Many times over the years since putting this web site up,

exactly what this woman is saying, has also occurred to me,

that I need to be careful in my writings about what

and where Endangered things are.

Sadly, she is quite correct.

There are many out there whose only interest in our planet

is to find out how they can profit from tragic situations.

So, thank you Julie, advice taken and passed along!

Environmentalists Beware


May 31, 2011

Unlike Ewya in Avatar, No One Heard Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee will be drained to send water to US Sugar

and the entire south of Florida to use as they please.

Never mind that the Lake is now at a level that sends shivers down

the spines of all concerned with the Wildlife that depends on it.

It matters not.

The South Florida Water Management District has made the decision.

One member on this Board is Trudi Williams who recently said that the

Florida Panther really does not need any further special protection.

See that story below in this Blog dated Jan. 31, 2011.

The Lake is gong to be drained by pumps and no one, it would seem,

cares about the extreme damage that this will cause the entire Ecosystem.

Money speaks louder than any other voice, always.

Pumps to Keep Okeechobee's Water Flowing South


May 28, 2011

Are You Kidding, We Need Another Power Plant in Florida?

As if the Florida Panther has not suffered enough at the hands of Humans...

wait for it....

A new power plant is about to be built right smack in the middle of their Habitat.

This story lays out all of the details and then tells you how you can get involved

and tell FPL to go somewhere else to build.

Right now it is only in planning stages, so influence from the public can affect the outcome.

Florida Panthers have run out of room and out of time, they are at the end of the log.

Please write to the man at the top, Lewis Hay, CEO Florida Power and Light.

His email: lew_hay@fpl.com

Great story, great information:

New Power Plant Threatens the Florida Panther



May 25, 2011

Let Lisa Jackson, the Head of the EPA, Know that We Will Not

Tolerate Mercury in Our Lives Anymore.

This week there are events happening in several places around the country

to address one of the most lethal toxins on our planet, Mercury.

It affects all of us, humans, pets and wildlife.

Mercury is very toxic and we must get it out of our environment

and never allow big companies to push it back on us again.

The next time you eat fish, get your dog a Rabies shot or feed your children,

you need to ask yourself this question:

Is there Mercury in this?

If you want to get involved:

 Send the Head of the EPA an Email

or you can also:

Show Up for One of the Rallies


May 22, 2011

Okeechobee is Hurting

Lake Okeechobee is at a seriously dangerous level right now.

It is so low, in fact that farmers may have to cut deep if South Florida

wants to keep water flowing out of their faucets.

The current drought and years of wasted water have brought this once

magnificent body of water, only one of two in the U.S.

that can be seen from space, to its knees.

So much depends on this Lake, it is nearly incomprehensible that

any one could be allowed to waste a single drop of it,

but waste it they do, every single day.

There are many who are guilty of robbing Okeechobee of its lifeblood:

U.S. Sugar, Former Governors, endless companies and so many others who just keep taking,

never giving a thought to what their greed is doing to Florida's well being.

Not only Endangered Wildlife, but the Everglades Ecosystem, go on life support

when deprived of Okeechobee's constant fresh supply of life giving water.

Another factor in the low water levels is that very few hurricanes have made

land fall in South Florida recently.

 Although they cause much widespread damage throughout the area,

they also replenish the Lake and the Everglades.

It is a double edged sword.

 Everything in this area is totally dependant on Okeechobee to survive,

two Ecosystems and all manner of man and beast.

But too much or too little water and the whole area becomes dysfunctional,

nothing works in harmony anymore and all suffer.

To survive, we must all be in balance with one another.

What is the line from Avatar?

"They killed their Mother."

Lake Okeechobee Water Levels Continue to Drop


May 19, 2011

Endangered Species Day May 20, 2011

This Friday May 20, 2011 is Endangered Species Day and it will be a perfect day

to reflect on the many successes of past imperiled Wildlife like the Bald Eagle,

which, if you are lucky enough to live in Florida, can be seen every day

all over the state, doing what they do best, just looking magnificent.

On the other side of the many great steps forward that have been made,

there still remain those who need to be protected, like the Florida Panther.

On Friday, please do think of these beautiful wild creatures who are a gift to mankind.

We  must continue to do our very best to provide them with a Healthy Habitat to live in.

Endangered Species Day

And for all of you Teachers:

 Is Your Class Ready for Endangered Species Day?


May 16, 2011

Could New Bug Factory Be a Double-Edged Sword?

Will the new bugs about to be introduced into the Everglades to eradicate invasive species,

do their job or become just another nightmare for this already beleaguered Ecosystem?

Scientists have often in the past gone awry with their good intentions.

Can anyone remember why Heroin was introduced by Bayer?

It was to help Morphine addicts get straight.

We all know how that went, right?

Then Cocaine was introduced to fix both the problems.

So, what happens if these new bugs get out of hand and

 then turn on the Native Florida Plants and Insects?

Yes, we must do something to stop the onslaught of invasive plants and bugs,

but is this really the best answer for the Everglades?

Let's hope that they do better with the bugs than the drugs!

Bug Factory to Save the Everglades


May 13, 2011

Yes, These Two Questions Are Quite Related.

Does Monsanto Want to Buy NPR to Keep Them Quiet?

 Guess Which CEO Only Eats Organic?

Hugh Grant, not the English Actor, but the CEO of Monsanto,

the world's leading producer of GMO food (genetically modified organics)

only buys Organic Food.

Read the complete NPR Interview with him:

Hugh Grant Interview

Bet he doesn't drink milk with Human Growth Hormones or GM food.

This story came from the NPR, (National Public Radio)

 "what is that old story about keeping your friends

close and your enemies closer?"

CEO of Monsanto Only Buys Organic

Why does the head of USDA Tom Vilsack use the Monsanto Private Jet?

So, what can we do to stop the complete overtaking of our

world's food supply by Monsanto and their GMO?

Here is a list of ways to do just that:

15 Ways to Take a Stand Against Monsanto and Their GMO's


May 10, 2011

Exactly What is the Definition of Non Toxic?

Everyday, everywhere that we go, we are surrounded by chemicals,

many of which are quite toxic to both humans and animals.

Did you know that our Government is protecting many of the companies

who produce these toxins and we are all put at risk with their blessings?

The myriad of childhood and pet diseases and cancers that are so prevalent now,

were practically unheard of 50 years ago.


Because our environment was not saturated with the number of toxic chemicals

that are now choking our water, air and land.

We are all subjected to what can be lethal doses of these toxins every day

and many of us don't even know that they are there.

And if you are waiting for the EPA and FDA to protect you,

don't hold your breath, but then again, maybe you should,

because the air is not what it used to be in many places today!

Deceitful Non Toxic Labeling


May 7, 2011

What Gives Us the Right to Experiment on Animals?

I have been aware of this story for weeks and was reluctant to put it up,

knowing that children frequently read the content here.

But after reading it again this morning, I feel it should be.

If after you read it, you want to respond, to do something,

please know this.

There are schools everywhere, right now, that are doing the same thing.

Where to begin?

As a lifelong animal lover, I cannot pretend that this is sane, it is not.

Experiments on animals, any animals, are disgusting.

I am a former Nurse, so for those of you who may say

 "but what about finding cures for disease, etc.?"

I say this, if experiments to further the understanding of diseases

need to be done, they should be done with willing participants,

which animals clearly are not.

Many years ago, when one of my most cherished Uncles was dying of cancer,

 he went to the hospital and told them to do anything, try anything,

that might help someone else not suffer as much as he did.

He volunteered his life to better others.

The same is not true of animals that are captured and

then experimented on until they either die or are killed.

This is wrong and it needs to end.

How many of you would like to be treated as such?


We, the Human Race, are arrogant in thinking that

because we do not understand the language of animals,

that what they are saying is not of consequence.

Indeed, the animals are speaking to us and

for their sake and ours, we must start listening. ---GW


May 6, 2011

They've Got a New Attitude at the EPA

Why on Earth is anyone shocked by the new attitude of the EPA,

the Ruling Republican Party in Tallahassee or their stance on the Environment?

In a state ranked last, or next to last, in every category connected to Education,

and that still has not passed the ERA, you would expect them

to care about an Endangered animal or our Environment?

Florida Lawmakers, the EPA and the current Administration are on

a new course and it does not look good for our Environment,

Education System or Endangered Wildlife.

Activists Appalled by Environmental-Law Changes


May 2, 2011

$5,000 Reward For Leads To Florida Panther Killer

With so few left to continue their kind, it is unspeakable that anyone, least of all a

local Floridian, who must be aware of their desperate state of existence, could shoot

and kill the most endangered animal in this Country, the Florida Panther.

When the reward gets high enough, the killers friends or family

may even turn them in for the money.

$5,000 Reward for Info on Florida Panther Death


April 29, 2011

Today is Save the Frogs Day
A Female Green Treefrog

Do you think that anybody really cares?

They should care, a lot!

Frogs, like Canaries, are one of many markers on the health of our planet.

I know this because we have Green Treefrogs in our yard and

each year since moving here, we have watched their numbers shrink.

These Frogs have both human and animal enemies,

the Southern Racers and other snakes that live all around us

and the pesticides that everybody uses in their yards and gardens.

The snakes are doing what they always do, eating.

But when we use pesticides without thought for the impact that

they are having on the planet, then we become the enemy too.

Here are two things that you can do to make a difference:

Sign the Letter to the Head of the EPA

Learn More About Frogs


April 26, 2011

Clean And Green Energy Must Be Balanced

Everyone accepts that we must wean ourselves off of petroleum based energy,

but whichever new, clean, green choice we make, there are significant

impacts on wildlife that must first be taken into consideration.

The answer to all of this, scientists say, is balance and

for the sake of our Ecosystems, we have to get it right.

These new energy choices can work for all of us living on the planet,

humans and animals, just as long as we find the correct balance.

Here are three stories to show how:

Producing Power, Protecting Wildlife

Win-Win for Wind and Wildlife

The Original Research Article


April 23, 2011

The Lake Wales Ridge In Florida

Ok, I admit this is mostly selfish, because I happen to live in the area of this Ridge.

Millions of years ago, this narrow strip of land was Florida's only dry land.

The Ridge was in fact a chain of islands and the rest of Florida was under water.

It also has the highest elevation in the peninsula of the state at about 300 feet.

If the glaciers ever do melt from Global Warming, those of us who

live here will be the last in Florida to need a boat!

The Lake Wales Ridge is one of the most unique ecosystems in America.

Wondrous things can be found here,

with feet, wings and leaves that exist no where else.

Why you might ask, do we need to keep this narrow piece of land safe?

Have you ever been to the Black Hills in South Dakota?

These two areas share something rare, they are both microcosms.

What lived and lives in these two places can and should, be studied forever.

But they will need a little help from their friends to keep them safe,

they need you and me.

Saving the Ridge



April 20, 2011

Out Of The Mouths Of Harvard

You have read my rantings here for the past few months,

about what really brings the tourists to Florida

and now it would seem that others may agree.

People do not travel across the country, nor half way across the world

to see concrete, they come here because we have,

for a little longer at least, the greatest array of animal species

still approachable on the Planet, our Florida Wildlife!

Harvard says it is so, so it must be:

Endangered Species Economics


April 17, 2011

How Much Should We Spend To Save Manatees?

In Brevard County Florida, gates were recently installed on the Canaveral

 Locks Barge Canals to reduce the number of Manatees from being crushed.

But, some local residents seem to think that too much money was spent.

Brevard County has the highest number of Manatee deaths in Florida,

but not all of them die in the locks, many die every year from boat strikes

and many more died this year from the extreme cold.

Should we treat wildlife deaths like the car companies do with humans,

and call their deaths, "Acceptable Losses?"

So, what amount is the right amount to spend?

Can you really put a number on cruelty?

$1.4 Million Spent to Prevent Manatees from Being Crushed


April 13, 2011

Is GE, Genetically Engineered, Food A Runaway Train?

Several days ago I watched a Documentary on TV about GE,

(Genetically Engineered) Food and Monsanto, et al.

This was the first time that I had seen the film and the

impact that it had on me was both crushing and devastating.

The abusive, disgusting treatment of the animals was sickening and vile.

The information presented was very difficult to see and even harder to learn about.

On this Blog, I have repeatedly pointed out the kinds of activities Monsanto

and others in the field of GE Food have been taking part in for years.

Now in one brief moment of film, all that I feared, was presented so swiftly,

with no time for catching a breath, no chance to digest,

just slapped in the face and knocked on your backside.

You had to just deal with it.

I had felt since beginning this Blog, that perhaps I was just a little too critical of Monsanto

and others in regard to their products and their involvement in the production of our food.

I worried about the effects that these companies were having on all life on this planet.

Now, I can absolutely say that I did not go far enough.

The situation is much, much worse than I ever could have known.

I am sickened to have to encourage people to see something with the very, very

difficult content of this film, but what if no one ever finds out?

What if we wait too long to act?

What if it is already too late?

If you are unable to watch this Documentary online here, please find it,

rent it, download it, or go buy it.

But, for the sake of every living thing on this Earth, please see it.

Life Running Out of Control

This Documentary is not fit for children or the faint of heart, under any conditions!

Learn more here:

The Center for Food Safety


April 10, 2011

Write, Call Or Fax, Please Just Do Something, Anything!

If you have never written a letter to a Public Agency like the FWS,

please let this day be your first.

The most critically Endangered Animal in Florida, in fact,

in the entire U.S., is our Florida Panther.

It has been killed by cars, shot by Ranchers and chased out of its ancestral

homes all over Florida by greedy developers with nothing on their minds,

but building something, anything!

Now the lawsuit fighting to protect the very last piece of Florida Panther Habitat,

was just ruled against by a Judge, (see story below) and the only

thing standing between its complete and total extinction is YOU!

The man at the helm of the FWS is Mr. Nick Wiley:

Nick Wiley Executive Director

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Office Phone:(850) 487-3796  FAX: (850) 921-5786

Please respond, you are their only hope now.


April 7, 2011

Federal Judge Rejects Plea For Panther Habitat Protection

When I first moved here in 2004 from Southern California, I was excited to see the wonderful

wildlife in abundance all over the state and the apparent concern for living things.

Since then, I have watched as each year wildlife gets pushed farther away

from their ancestral lands and into unfamiliar new territories,

where their chances for survival are slim because so many others

are already competing for the same space and food there.

Today Federal Judge John Steele has put Florida one step closer to

becoming exactly like California, a place with lots of concrete,

 but very little animal life.

When the last wild Panther in Florida draws its final breath,

how can we as a species not feel guilty?

We put development, buildings, concrete and Golf Courses ahead of their tiny

remaining speck of land and care nothing for what we have done to them.

Gandhi once said that a Country will be judged by how it treats its animals,

so what does this say for this Country?

For this state?

We prefer Golf Courses and Condos to the sight of wildlife just doing what they do best, living.

Soon, Florida will have one less species to annoy all the land developers here, the Florida Panther.

Federal Judge Dismisses Law Suit

A great story about our critically Endangered Florida Panther:

Dead Cat Walking


April 6, 2011

Wild Fires Not As Bad For Them As They Are For Us

In 1998, when my parents first moved to Central Florida there was

a devastating Wild Fire that spread across the entire region.

It pretty much wiped out everything in its path.

Although the destruction was unbelievable in human terms,

for the plants and animals, these fires are necessary to maintain

an ecological balance few humans care to deal with, ever.

Read more about the fires and how they really do benefit our Wildlife and Plantlife:

FWS Says Fires Not as Dangerous as You Think


April 3, 2011

Will Loggerheads Ever Make The Endangered List?
A young Loggerhead swims near Panama City, Florida

Loggerhead Turtles have been on the Threatened Species List for thirty years,

but they are still not on the Endangered List.

While the experts disagree, the Turtles and those who want to protect them,

can only wait to see if they will finally make the safest level, Endangered.

Although recently their nest numbers have slightly increased in Florida,

so has development and beach front condos that steal the places

where they have always made their nests!

Loggerheads Wait for Approval


March 30, 2011

Tree Islands In The Everglades Caused By Early Humans

A recent study has shown that these Islands in the Everglades were actually

a result of the accumulated trash of our ancestors and were used by many

 of the local residents then and now, human and animal alike.

Prehistoric Trash


March 27, 2011

When Is A Scrub Jay Like a Termite?
A Florida Scrub Jay

This unlikely comment came from Councilman Bill Deile in Cape Coral Florida,

while comparing the costs that might be involved in their town's dealings

 with the very endangered Florida Scrub Jay.

The wide range of nonsensical, bordering on callous remarks, made about the Scrub Jay,

who by the way, is our only Native Florida Bird, by those who run this town,

 are an affirmation that Wild Things or Endangered Birds

 are not terribly high on their agenda.

Another example: Thinking that a wild bird who prefers quiet, isolated scrub lands

would be happy to relocate to a noisy, busy city park?

Would any of these Council Members be willing to put their bedrooms outside in this same park?

They could still carry out their mating/courting rituals there, right?

It all seems fair to me.

Endangered Bird May Scrub City Plans for Park


March 24, 2011

Do You Know What's in Your Can Of Tuna?

If you eat Tuna as much as I do, please read the following.

Do you know how the Tuna you eat is caught?

Do you know about Sustainable Catching?

Did you know that overfishing is eliminating many necessary large fish?

Are you wondering why on Earth this subject would be addressed

on a Blog about Endangered Wildlife?

Read on, you will learn....

There are different ways to catch tuna and if it's done wrong,

many innocent sea creatures may die needlessly, including:

Sea Turtles, Dolphins and Sharks.


What happens in the World's Oceans affects all of us, whether we eat tuna or not.

Huge Win for our Oceans

Canned Tuna Guide

Save Our Tuna

Do You Know What's in your Can of Tuna Video

Decline of Predator Fish



March 21, 2011

Is The Endangered Species Program Endangered?

With a new leader at the top, this last line of defense

for the defenseless, may itself become endangered.

Is the man at the center of all the controversy, Paul Souza,

merely a mouthpiece for the White House or a man on a mission?

His past decisions say that perhaps both may be true.

Trouble for the Endangered Species Program


March 18, 2011

It's A Big No Thank You to Golf Courses In Panther Habitat

A Bill only just introduced last week to allow 5 new golf courses be built in

State Parks and Panther Habitat are all done, almost before they began.

The Bill introduced by Florida Republicans Rooney and Thrasher would

 have put these golf courses in Panther Habitat and nearly certainly

 have finished off the already beleaguered Panther.

The idea for the new courses according to Nicklaus, who would have designed and built them,

was endorsed by Governor Scott when the two met to discuss ways to increase tourism.

We only have 1,000 plus Golf Courses in Florida now, making us number one in the Country.

If only our Panther numbers were that high.

Can you hear the sighs of relief from the Panthers and Wildlife Officials?

Habitat Protection Hole-in-One for the Panthers

New Bill Would Put Courses in State Parks

No Golf Courses in Panther Habitat


March 15, 2011

Who Will Stop The "Eco-Train Wreck" In Florida

As hoped for, a lawsuit has been initiated by multiple Environmental groups

against the NPS, the DOI and the USFWS to stop the attack on the

pristine Ecosystem known as the Big Cypress Preserve in Florida.

And the fox most responsible for not protecting his flock,

has just been put in charge of the hen house:

Florida's "Eco-Train Wreck"

This last bastion of hope for the critically Endangered Florida Panther

and other species cannot be sacrificed for the selfish weekend

pleasure of recreational vehicle users.

ORV Plan Triggers Lawsuit


March 12, 2011

Panther Tracks Found

A sign of hope for the beleaguered Florida Panther, could it be?

In an area where it historically most probably once roamed freely,

 before Humans took away it Habitats, Panther Tracks have been found.

The sighting along the St. John's River is fairly near us and as one can only

imagine, the hope for more is unspoken for those who love the Panther.

Panther Tracks Found Along the St. John's River

Wildlife Officials Celebrate Panther Sighting


March 9, 2011

What Was In That Glass Of Water You Just Drank?

If you live in rural Florida as we do, you have reason to be concerned.

In our part of Florida, there are field after field of cows

and mountains of their waste.

 Florida is basically a huge aquifer and our drinking water lies just below the surface,

so everything on the ground eventually ends up in our water.

It rains constantly here and guess what happens to all of that cow waste when it does?

It is filtered down right through the sand and into out water tables.

We are reminded quite frequently on local news to be vigilant in our use of pesticides,

fertilizers and chemicals on our lawns because it can contaminate our water.

But I have yet to hear a single story on the news here about all of the cows and

the mountains of their waste that must surely be polluting into our drinking water.

Every living thing in Florida depends on fresh, pure water for life,

 human and wild, we all need water!

It would seem that California is already very aware of this fact and hopefully

they will force this issue to front page news.

Yes, we do "Got Milk" , but what we need is clean drinking water!

Massive Pollution from California Dairies


March 6, 2011

This Is The Way It Should Be~

In the world of Endangered Species, the Whooping Crane is at the top of the list.

The future of this and so many Endangered Animals depends on whether or not

we get it right and how soon!

So, when two countries like America and Canada come together for the benefit of

a rare and beautiful creature, the result can be extraordinary.

The heroic efforts of many people from our countries just may hold the

greatest hope yet for the Whooping Cranes and it would seem that this time,

we may have gotten it right and it just might work.

Whooping Crane Population Gets Baby Boost


March 3, 2011

It's Turtle Time In Central Florida!

After spending the last 3 days at Flagler Beach looking in vain for Right Whales,

came home to find out that the Nesting Season for our East Coast Turtles has begun.

Volusia and Brevard Counties are revving up for what could be a great season

and the Lights Out Campaign is now underway.

Caution: Sea Turtle Nesting is Starting


February 26, 2011

Genetically Engineered Food, Monsanto Strikes Again!

It would appear that Monsanto doesn't want too much, just to take over how and what the World eats!

Right now, they are claiming that GE Food is the answer to all of the Worlds Food Problems.

Should we continue our dependency on their vast array of Chemicals and Pesticides

and allow them to flood the World Food Market with GE Food?

The Chemical and Pesticide overuse/abuse for the past 50 years is altering Human and

Animal DNA and putting even more of them and us in danger of becoming extinct.

We need fewer Chemicals and Pesticides on this Planet, not more!

Read this story and make your own decision:

Monsanto Wants to Sell You a Better Way to Eat


February 23, 2011

Making Memories With Manatees

If you have never seen the Florida West Indian Manatee at Blue Springs

Park in Orange City, maybe you could travel to the Other Florida Coast

and watch them at the Crystal River Wildlife Refuge.

Many years ago when my children were quite young, we were so very fortunate

 to have had the unforgettable pleasure of swimming with Manatees.

The encounter left us breathless.

They love human touch it would seem, coming close, nudging us, exploring us, no fear.

This is remarkable, considering that Humans contribute to their deaths so frequently,

boats strikes and fishing line entanglements being the primary culprits.

But, the biggest contributor to their demise this year, was the extreme

cold weather during December and January that killed hundreds.

Thankfully, the weather is warming, Spring is coming and Manatees

are once again gathering at their favorite places to enjoy it all.

Now is the perfect time to take a trip to one of these spots

 and share the world of the Florida Manatee.

Come make memories with your children!

Taking a Swim with the Gentle Giants



February 20, 2011

Millions Will Stay In Budget For Everglades Project

President Obama has promised money from his budget for

Florida's Endangered Wildlife and the Habitat that they and

so many others endangered animals call home,

the Big Cypress Preserve and the Everglades.

The Everglades Restoration Project

But, all of this good news is tempered by the opposition to saving land

for wildlife by local hunters, fishermen and air boat tour owners:

Everglades Project Draws Fierce Opposition

In the end who will win this battle?


Probably those with opposable thumbs who can VOTE!


February 17, 2011

The Whooping Crane's Struggle To Survive

The future for this magnificent Bird just has to get better.

It has been through so much for so long and right now,

it is only trying to stay alive.

But ignorance and stupidity follow it everywhere it goes!

Bullets Shatter Whooping Crane's Progress


February 14, 2011

The National Park Service Blows It

The Florida Panther is running out of room and one of

 its last best hopes for space in the Big Cypress Preserve,

was just squashed by the NPS:

The National Park Service has Failed

NPS Director Jarvis has taken a stand against the Panther and

we need to make it clear to him that the Florida Panther cannot,

 and will not, go the way of the DO-DO Bird.

Please read this letter by Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings

sent to NPS Director Jarvis:

Letter to NPS Director Jarvis

If you agree with the letter, please call Rep. Hastings contact person:

Laure Fabrega at 202 225-0923.

Also, please call NPS Director Jarvis' contact person:

Maria Forte at 202 208-4621.

They both need to understand that Floridians think that the lives of

our Endangered Panthers are more important than allowing

 Off Road Vehicles (ORV) to take away their last tiny space of open land.


February 11, 2011

A Special Day For Florida's Native Bird
A Florida Scrub Jay

Although we love to think that this beautiful bird belongs just to us

 here in the Ocala Forest, we must share it with the rest of Florida!

The Scrub Jay is found ONLY in Florida and it must be protected

 from the encroaching Human population on its habitat.

A Festival for the Scrub Jay


February 8, 2011

FWS Final Conservation Plan

For an insiders look at the way the FWS arrives at

their conclusions regarding the future of Ecosystems in

 Florida and a brief history lesson on Florida's Topography:

Federal Register: Lake Wales Ridge NWR Final Conservation Plan


February 5, 2011

Boat 1, Manatee 0

A Merritt Island man who has repeatedly been fined for speeding

 through Manatee Slow Zones, has lost his boat.

This first ever Court Case resulting in fines, penalties and seizures,

will hopefully give others who do the same pause to think.

Manatee Killed by Repeat Offender


February 2, 2011

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

is now accepting ideas on how best to manage Wildlife

"Until March they will listen to Information and data on any of the 60 species.

Send information to: Management Plans, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,

620 South Meridian St., Mail Station 2A, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

or e-mail to Imperiled@MyFWC.com

Responses will be accepted until midnight Sunday, March 20."

Read more about it here:

FWC Seeks Information for Species Management


January 31, 2011

Is Florida State Representative Trudi Williams Right About The Panther?

Florida State Representative Trudi Williams, R-Fort Meyers, who chairs the

House Committee on Wildlife (FFWCC) says that she thinks the Florida Panther

should no longer receive special protection.

She says that she has received complaints from her areas about livestock killings.

Ms. Williams also thinks that because the Florida Panther has been

crossbred with Texas Cougars that they are no longer really Florida Panthers

and therefore need no special protection.

If she understood the reasoning for this breeding, she would know that like

the African Cheetah, the Florida Panthers breeding/gene pool had become

so small that they were no longer able to produce viable offspring and that

the Texas big cats were their only hope for survival:

Texas Cougars Save Florida Panthers from Extinction

Considering that all that remains of this Florida State Mammal is 100 or less,

can she be serious about them not being in danger of becoming extinct

during our lifetime?

If you think that Rep. Williams is wrong, please feel free to call or

email her and let her know how you feel.

Tallahassee Phone: (850) 488-2047  Fort Meyers Phone: (239) 433-6775

Read the whole story here: State Rep Assails Florida Panthers

or here: Lawmaker Questions Panther Protections


January 29, 2011

One Small Victory For Sea Turtles

Although a recent lawsuit will benefit Sea Turtle Habitats,

there are still numerous other battles to be waged.

It is an uncertain world for this species who have to fight

 with development for every inch of land that they use.

Humans need to show wildlife that they matter.

Victory for Florida's Threatened and Endangered Sea Turtles


January 26, 2011

242 Sea Turtles Released Into Gulf

242 cold stunned Green Sea Turtles were released into the Gulf of Mexico this week.

Volunteers had collected the Turtles in St. Joseph's Bay and after

being brought back to health, they were released in Gulf County.

Your Specialized Florida License Plate money is hard at work here

protecting this and many other Endangered Species.

Please keep this in mind when you renew your plates.

Sea Turtles Released into Gulf


January 24, 2011

Finally, The EPA Is Sued!

At last, some accountability may occur within those Government Agencies

who bear the most responsibility for keeping the Environment

and the Endangered Wildlife within it, safe!

Three different writers cover the same vital story:

EPA Sued Over Pesticides, Endangered Species

Lawsuit Says Pesticides Threaten Florida Wildlife

Pesticides Poison More than 200 Endangered Species


January 21, 2011

It was a Very Good Year for Turtle Nests in Florida

Although the extreme cold weather and the Gulf spill

devastated Sea Turtles numbers last year,

nests found along Florida's Coasts have increased.

Biologists Find More Nests


January 17, 2011

News For Florida's Panthers Is Not All Bad!

The FWS has released its latest facts on the Panther and one

 look at the numbers chart from 1981 to present date

reveals that the Panthers numbers are climbing.

The huge efforts to protect and restore this beautiful animal are the main

reason for these great statistics, but it's too soon to become complacent.

The Florida Panther along with the Whooping Crane are

still the most endangered animals in the entire country.

FWS Statement on Panther Population Size


January 14, 2011

Tragedy In Georgia

Three Endangered Whooping Cranes were found shot to death in

South Georgia last month. It is tragic to think that these Birds were

 killed for any reason, but considering their remaining numbers,

the future of the Whooping Crane is now in great jeopardy.

Endangered Cranes Killed in Georgia



January 10, 2011

Developer Helps To Save Tortoises
Florida Gopher Tortoise

As any regular reader here knows, I am not a huge fan of developers, but again,

one has come forward to do the right thing for wildlife and they need to be commended.

The company is Minto and they are saving the lives of an endangered creature,

the Gopher Tortoise and one can only hope that behavior like this is a new trend?

As the so-called higher form of life on this planet, humans need to start

acting the part and doing all that we can to protect those who have no voice.

If you have a moment, please call Minto and say, thank you!

954 973-4490

Developer Helps Transport Gopher Tortoises


January 6, 2011

New Grant Brings Millions Of longleaf pine Seedlings To Florida

These ancient trees at one time numbered in the millions throughout the south,

today there are very few of them left anywhere.

This beautiful tree has been decimated by logging for over a century

 and the affect of this on wildlife was/is as expected.

The longleaf pine is/was a valuable habitat for endangered birds and

its restoration may help to bring some of them back.

Longleaf Pine Seedlings


January 1, 2011

Entangled Whale Set Free

A very fortunate Right Whale begins the new year

with the gift of life from a team of Florida Biologists.

Right Whale freed off Coast of Daytona Beach



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