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The Florida Panther
Felis concolor coryi
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Updates and news that affect Florida's Endangered Wildlife.

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December 25, 2010

2010, a Year of Contrasts

2010 has been a year of frequent tragedy for Florida's Endangered Wildlife.

Panthers and Manatees have died in record numbers.

Gulf Turtles and Birds have suffered through the greatest disaster in this areas history.

And yet, there is hope and it comes from some unexpected places.

Florida Utilities are making special adjustments for our Manatees to keep them warm.

A South Florida Developer has built a special Panther Crossing and local

Refuse companies are making trash containers that are mostly Bear proof.

If we can all make just a little effort and give these animals a chance,

2011 can be even better for our very Endangered Florida Wildlife.

Hope springs eternal~

Happy New Year.


December 20, 2010

New Penalties for Poachers

The newest member is Pennsylvania and if you hunt illegally

in these states, you are going to be in big trouble.

A 36 member group has formed the Interstate Wildlife Compact

and they are serious about Poachers.

Poachers Will Be Penalized


December 16, 2010

New Waste Containers May Save Our Bears

Thanks to a terrific new program by a Florida Waste Company,

many Bears may be spared from the agony of becoming too familiar

and dependent on trash eating, which ultimately can lead to their deaths

at the hands of FWS officers called to the scene of a Bear invasion.

This great idea may spread to other companies throughout Florida, perhaps even the country.

No more trash eating for the Bears, who will have to go back to their original diet in the woods.

Everybody wins!

Waste Pro Containers


December 13, 2010

Developer Helps the Panthers

If you have been a regular to this Blog and the gator-woman web site,

you know that I have few good words for most of this state's developers.

So it may shock readers to learn that a Collier County

developer is spending millions on Florida Panthers.

Yes, this is correct, read all about it here:

Developer Building Crossing to Protect Panthers


December 12, 2010

Endangered Miami Blue Butterfly Has Disappeared Again

This tiny creature has had very little proper support from the people

who most are responsible for protecting it.

Miami Blue Gone Again


December 8, 2010

A New Endangered Species

Federal Wildlife Officers may be the newest most Endangered Species

as 70 of them have been killed on the job since 1980.

Some Hunters have become belligerent and aggressive when caught

in illegal activities that could put them in jail.

And recently the CEO of the affluent Florida Villages was just one of

a group of eight hunters caught in illicit hunting in Montana.

Wildlife Officers Have Become the Hunted

Humans Biggest Threat to Wildlife Officers

Villages CEO Charged with Felonies


December 5, 2010

Manatees Looking For a Warm Place

Cold weather always brings Manatees close to boaters and

with the onset of Winter in Florida now at hand,

Manatees have headed to the warmer spots to seek shelter.

Boaters need to be mindful of these sad statistics,

as 686 Manatees have already perished this year statewide

and 65 of these deaths were caused by collision with boats.

Manatees Find Protection


November 30, 2010

Hi-tech Communication with Endangered Florida Panthers

Three Panthers wearing collars are communicating with scientists,

keeping them on alert as to Panther location and activity.

The benefits of these new collars also apply to the FFWS Biologists,

who will not be up in the air observing the Panther quite as often now.

In the past, Airplane crashes have been the primary cause of their deaths.

Florida Panther numbers today are hovering at just about 100,

making them the most Endangered animal in America.

Florida Panthers Sending Text Messages to Scientists


November 26, 2010

Incentives to Protect Endangered Wildlife in Florida

The IRS is giving tax breaks to businesses who protect wildlife,

but will more get on board and take advantage of this law?

Learn more about the pros and cons of these new tax

incentives that could save many animals lives.

Tax Breaks for Protecting our Wildlife


November 24, 2010

Great News!

Endangered Cranes on their way back to Florida.

The Whooping Cranes have left their summer homes in

Wisconsin and are heading South to winter in Florida.

Whooping Cranes Flying South to Florida


November 21, 2010

Everglades Bats in a New Study

Many people fear this most beneficial mammal, but without them,

the bad insects, like mosquitoes would take over.

These voracious bug eaters need all the help they can get,

if they are to survive.

Bat numbers have greatly diminished from habitat loss and overuse of pesticides.

Like the Canary in the coalmine, Bats are the bellwether for Environmental health

and if they all go away, we are going to need a really big swatter

to stave off the insects in Florida.

Bat Study in the Everglades


November 18, 2010

Endangered Red-cockaded Woodpeckers Released in Martin County

At one time, this bird, like the trees they love, were everywhere in the South.

Now just as the trees have gone, so have the birds.

This is but only one of many species of plants and animals that have

lost their habitat to developers and are dwindling rapidly.

Hopefully, this new batch will have a chance to reinvigorate this Endangered Species.

But, the deliberate cutting of the Long Leaf Pine must stop for this to happen.

Endangered Woodpeckers Released in Martin County


November 15, 2010

Weed at Lake Toho to Remain

FFWS have made effective immediately, the plan to allow the invasive weed,

hydrilla, in Lake Toho to continue to grow as it feeds an Endangered Bird,

the Snail Kite. This very endangered Kite eats the apple snail, which eats the plant.

The Kite's numbers have plummeted since the 1990's, so there may be

no other recourse, if the Kite is to survive.

It has already been forced out of its ancestral home in South Florida,

due to the encroachment of developers and civilization.

Now it its newest home, fishermen want to take back the Lake and

remove the plant/weed which shuts down boat engines in minutes.

Seems like we could arrive at a compromise here, like perhaps holding the

Bass Fishing Tournaments in another Lake where the stakes are not quite so high?

Lake Toho Weed to Stave Off Execution


November 11, 2010

Obama Denies Protection

The future does not look good for Endangered Species in America.

President Obama has basically signed the death warrant for hundreds of plants

and animals who will now remain for an undetermined time on the Candidate List.

Obama needs to show Animals and Plants the same kind of compassion

that he did the troubled Banks, Auto Makers and others.

But then animals can neither vote, nor contribute money.

Obama Denies Protection to 251 Species


November 7, 2010

Manatee Zones Expanded

As the cold weather descends on Florida, new warm water safe

zones for the Endangered Manatee have become necessary.

In response, the USFWS has expanded on existing protection areas.

This newest addition brings the total to 11 sanctuaries and 13 refuges.

Expansion of Manatee Protection Zones


November 5, 2010

Not in Our State

It would seem that those in Montana don't take kindly to people killing their

wildlife either. Why this is considered a sport is beyond comprehension.

An unforgettable scene during the movie Starman last night,

finds the visitor from another planet staring down sadly at

a dead deer tied onto a truck and asking,

"Do Deer eat people, do people eat people"

He intervenes and makes us think about what we are as a race.

Starman - The Resurrection of the Deer on YouTube:

What more can be said.

Villages CEO Charged With Poaching


November 4, 2010

The Latest Panther Update....

And Now What, He's Healthy!

Panther Captured


Looking For Reasons

This is a follow up to the Panther story below.

Officials: Panther Attacks Calves Near Naples


October 31, 2010

Red Cockaded Woodpecker

One of the most carefully watched Birds in Florida has

been given a new place to call home.

Red Cockaded Woodpeckers Get a New Home


Lake Toho Hydrilla Control

The food chain goes like this:

Lake Toho has Hydrilla, which is the favorite food of the Apple Snail,

which is the favorite food of the Endangered Florida Snail Kite.

Keeping a healthy balance in all of this is the job of the FWC.

A Public Meeting to Discuss This

Hydrilla Treatment and FAQ's



October 28, 2010

Florida Panther Versus Commercial Cattle Ranchers

It is difficult to find any sympathy for the Commercial Cattle Ranchers

in Collier County who are losing calves to the Florida Panther

who just happens to have a protected area in same county.

These Cattle Ranchers are complaining that their prized calves

re being killed by the Panthers, saying

"these are very expensive calves directly descended

from the ones brought over by the Spaniards in the 1500's"

Well, guess who was waiting for those Spaniards when they got

off of their boats in 1500's?

The Florida Panthers.

This land is their ancestral home and it should never have been given over to

Commercial Cattle Ranchers which would have prevented this from happening.

The Florida Panther is the most Endangered Animal in North America,

if only the same could be said for Cattle Ranchers, who seem to

want to possess every acre of vacant land in the state!

Panther Attacks Have Cattle Ranchers on Alert


October 27, 2010

Whooping Crane Numbers are Up
Whooping Crane

The news is good for the Endangered Whooping Crane for a change.

Chick numbers are up dramatically, making this one of the most productive

years since the low point in 1941, when only 21 remained.

Expanding their range to include more States hopefully will lead

 one day to seeing them taken off of the Endangered List.

Endangered Whooping Crane Population Rebounds



October 25, 2010

Panther Warning System

In the hopes of saving the most Endangered Animal

on this Continent, the Florida Panther, a new warning system will

soon be going into place in the area where the most deaths have occurred,

 the Big Cypress National Preserve.

The Grant/Funding of $675,000 comes thanks to the Defenders of Wildlife.

A New Traffic Warning System to Save Florida's Panthers


October 23, 2010

Turtles Returned to Gulf

This week 32 rescued Endangered Turtles were returned to the Gulf

 following six months of devoted care by volunteers.

The rescues included Kemps' ridley, Hawksbill, Loggerhead and Green,

 all either Endangered or Threatened species of Sea Turtles.

The turn out to help was unprecedented and the various agencies

 involved can all claim their victories.

This is just one small step forward for those who deserve

our dedication and protection.

Rescued Turtles Returned to Gulf


October 21, 2010

Coral Reefs
Coral Reef  - Florida Keys

A new study by the University of Georgia is now underway

on the possible link between Humans and diseases in Coral Reefs.

As one of the most spectacular of these lies just off the Coast of the

Florida Keys, the results of this study hold great importance for us.

A New Study Of Pathogens and Coral Reefs

Florida Reef Facts


October 19, 2010

The Sugar Effect

The dark side of the Sugar Industry and its stranglehold on Florida,

as well as its impact on the Everglades, is well presented in the story below.

Although the story is quite beneficial, sadly the page is frequently heavily laden

with political promoting that may turn some away before they get all of the facts.

The Sugar Industry's Assault On Florida


October 17, 2010

State Looking for Help

The state of Florida is now asking for help from the pubic in

its newest endeavor to identify species at risk.

The impact of this may or may not be a good thing, depending

on whether the results are used to give away land to

developers or actually protect our Wildlife.

State Asks Public For Help


October 15, 2010

First Post

It has been evident since this web site went up over two years ago that the

the environment of Florida's Endangered Wildlife was quite fluid,

as Florida Legislators make adjustments to their habitats frequently

to appease those whose primary objective is profit, not protection.

Shouldn't we all VOTE YES ON 4?

As such, it has become necessary to provide a place for our

Educators to keep abreast of important news happening in Florida

and elsewhere, that directly impacts our Endangered Wildlife.

So the Gator Woman Blog begins with a long overdue development,

the U.S. Sugar Land in South Florida has finally been purchased.

Now perhaps, the Everglades and all that inhabit it,

will at last be given a chance to survive.

The U.S. Sugar Land Deal



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