A Florida Purple Gallinule
A Purple Gallinule
A resident of the Big Cypress Preserve
Purple Gallinule sound created by:
Dr. Pamela C. Rasmussen MSU Dep. of Zoology

Most bird images this page courtesy of: sfwmd.gov


"There is nothing in which the birds differ more from Man than the way in
which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before." - Robert Lynd


The Threatened or Endangered Birds of Florida



To begin: what is a Bird?

A Bird is a warm blooded, bipedal (two legs)

vertebrate (has a backbone) with feathers,

bills and wings and most can fly.

It lays eggs to reproduce and many theories have

it classified as a direct descendant of Dinosaurs,

dating back to the Jurassic period.



Florida is a paradise for bird watchers with

over 480 different Species of Birds to Track

along the Great Florida Birding Trail.


The tropical environment, the abundance of water

and the multitude of insects, make this a

most appealing Habitat for all Species of Birds.


But, Paradise is not without controversy when it comes to

allowing any Species to retain its historical or ancestral

Habitats and our beautiful Birds are no exception.


Recent studies find troubling declines in U.S. Birds:

Citizen Science Reports Declines

Read the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Report

The State of the Birds



Threatened or Endangered Florida Birds on this web site are:





Places to learn more:


Florida's Imperiled Colonial Water Birds



This picture is a kind gift from Barb Messimer.

Although Florida cannot claim the Painted Bunting as a permanent

resident, we can claim it as a snow bird. For now, it is being carefully

watched and could become a Threatened or Endangered Bird.

Painted Buntings


Below is a very limited selection of the hundreds of beautiful Birds of Florida.

Those with the * are either an Endangered or a Threatened Species.


Yellow Crowned Night Heron Yellow Crowned Night Heron Green HeronGreen Heron*



Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron             Whooping CraneWhooping Crane*



Little Blue HeronLittle Blue Heron   Great EgretGreat Egret



  LimpkinLimpkin      Brown PelicanBrown Pelican*



Pileated WoodpeckerPileated Woodpecker      Pileated WoodpeckerPileated In Our Yard



Red-Bellied WoodpeckerRed-Bellied Woodpecker



Walking with the Alligators

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