A Florida Black Bear
A Florida Black Bear
Photo credit: Dr. William Weber


The Endangered Mammals of Florida



The Florida Black Bear
Ursus americanus floridanus


In the Seminole language,
 Bear is:  no - go - she


Where we live in the Ocala National Forest,

the Black Bear can be a frequent visitor.

This year has been especially difficult for them

as they seem to be wandering closer and closer to

civilization in search of food, possibly even water.

A Florida Black Bear
A Florida Black Bear
Photo credit: USFWS


We have fairly dry cycles frequently and Bears

do not have a Bear Grocery Store where they

can go and pick up their necessary supplies.

So, they come to where the people are and

the results are seldom good for the Bears.

No one wants to see a Florida Black Bear cub suffering like this.
"Jarhead" was eventually caught by FWC who removed the jar,
 then set him and his family free in a much safer area.
Photo credit: FWC


Thoughtless people leave food outside which attracts the Bears

and when as recently a Bear gets too close for all the wrong reasons,

they are labeled nuisance Bears that must be euthanized.

This sad fate should never occur, unless they attack a human,

which they have never done here.

Perhaps the thoughtless humans should be euthanized instead?


More commonly, whenever an errant Bear strays into neighborhoods

where they are not exactly welcome, they are usually caught,

tranquilized and then released into the Ocala National Forest.

While we are happy to have them here with us,

it would be much better for the Bears if they did not

have to go through the procedure at all.


There are several tips for keeping the Bears

out of your yard and out of danger:

Do not ever feed the Bears

Do not leave pet food outside

Do not discard animal carcasses in your yard

Do not leave bird feeders out at night

Do not put your trash out the night before

This sign is graciously lent by Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph:
The Bear Directory

If we can all try do these few things, perhaps

 we can avoid the Bears being put at risk or worse,

leaving behind orphans to fend for themselves when their

 mother has been killed by FWS in response to a tragic situation.


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