A Florida Barbour's Map Turtle
A Barbour's Map Turtle
Graptemys barbouri
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The Barbour's Map Turtle
Graptemys barbouri


This beautiful, freshwater Turtle is listed

at IUCN as a Threatened Species.

But in Florida it is listed only as

a Species of Special Concern.


Possession of this Turtle in the other two states

where it is found, Alabama and Georgia,

is not permitted, but in Florida sadly,

two may be legally captured.


In Florida, they live only in the clean, fast

moving limestone rivers of the panhandle.

Males range in size between 3-5 inches,

the females are about double that size.


The diet of the Map Turtle varies by the sexes,

females because of their much larger size,

eat the larger mollusks, snails, insects, etc.

and the males eat the smaller versions.


This species like other Turtles, displays ESD,

or Environmental Sex Determination,

meaning that the sex of their offspring,

is controlled by the temperature.


Preferring to sun themselves on logs in the water,

as most turtles of this size do, the Barbour's

Map Turtle is a recluse and will disappear

 if Humans or other trouble come near.



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