Our Florida Green Treefrog
Green Treefrog
Hyla cinerea
Photo credit: Walkingfox
Frog sounds credit: All About Frogs


The Endangered Amphibians of Florida



To begin: what is an amphibian?

Amphibian is from the Greek amphibios, or two lives.

Amphibians are cold blooded animals that spend time

both in and out of water. They usually go through a change

or metamorphosis and become another animal.

All Amphibians have thin skin which is quite susceptible

to temperature changes, so they are careful

not to get too hot or too cold.

Amphibians have become the Canary of Wildlife,

and they are disappearing in unthinkable numbers.

Some of those who still remain are demonstrating

genetic alterations or anomalies and sexual morphing

and indicating clearly that our casual use of chemicals

is quite risky and having profound consequences.

 The most significant fact of all, is that Amphibians

 are not the only ones who are being affected.

See the Red List at IUCN:



The Endangered or Threatened Amphibians on this site are:



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